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Company Name Role Title
CyberConnect2 Production Cooperation


Developer .hack//INFECTION
Bee Train Animation Production .hack//SIGN
Bandai Visual Production


BANDAI Producer .hack//INFECTION
Bandai Entertainment, Inc. English Adaptation .hack//SIGN
HALF H.P STUDIO Japan Recording

Song (Chorus)

Light Link Music Recording Studio (Japan) .hack//INFECTION
Animaze.., iNC.  .hack//INFECTION
Magnitude 8 Post Recording Studio US .hack//INFECTION
Jet Graphics Movie Design .hack//INFECTION
ARCHAIA    Art Design .hack//INFECTION
d3d2 Inc. Web Design .hack//INFECTION
Kadokawa Shoten .hack//INFECTION
Yomiko Advertising .hack//SIGN
PCB Productions English Adaptation Associate .hack//SIGN
Victor Entertainment Music Production .hack//SIGN

Bandai Namco Lien


Surname, First Name Affiliation Role Title
Mashimo, Koichi BeeTrain .hack//INFECTION
Director .hack//SIGN
Sound Director .hack//SIGN
Script .hack//SIGN
Storyboard .hack//SIGN
Screenplay .hack//SIGN
Editing .hack//SIGN
Ito, Kazunori CATFISH .hack//INFECTION
Story .hack//INFECTION
Series Composition .hack//SIGN
Series Supervisor .hack//SIGN
Screenplay .hack//SIGN
Sadamoto, Yoshiyuki Character Design .hack//SIGN
Original Character Design .hack//SIGN
Character Design .hack//INFECTION
Matsuyama, Hiroshi CyberConnect2 Director .hack//INFECTION
CyberConnect2 Graphics Team    Graphics .hack//INFECTION
Yokote, Michiko Screenplay .hack//SIGN
Kajiura, Yuki Music Producer .hack//SIGN
Theme Song Lyrics .hack//SIGN
Theme Song Composition .hack//SIGN
Theme Song Arrangement .hack//SIGN
Recording Engineer .hack//SIGN
Mori, Kirin Story Script .hack//INFECTION
Story Background .hack//INFECTION
Screenplay .hack//SIGN
Niizato, Hiroto Director .hack//INFECTION
Sawamura, Mitsuhiko Story Background .hack//INFECTION
Sawamura, Mitsuhiko Screenplay .hack//SIGN
Japan Recording Song (Chorus)
Mitani, Tomoyo Sound Director/Coordinator
Takadera, Takeshi HALF H.P STUDIO
Noguchi, Takayoshi HALF H.P STUDIO
Nagashima, Kenzi Light Link Music Recording Engineer
Light Link Music Recording Studio
Maseba, Yutaka ZRO LIMIT US Recording
Kanesaku, Haruyo ZRO LIMIT US Recording
Onishi, Keisuke ZRO LIMIT US Recording
Maseba, Osamu ZRO LIMIT US Recording
Seymour, Kevin Animaze.., iNC.    US Recording
Sargent, Lia Animaze.., iNC.    US Recording
Thornton, Kirk Animaze.., iNC.    US Recording
Claypool III, Les Magnitude 8 Post Recording Studio
Claypool, Mary English ADR Script Writer
McCarty, Michael Digital ADR Tracking
McQueen, Collin Editorial
Gines, Gloria Special Thanks
Inoue, Kouki Jet Graphics Movie Design
Otsuka, Yasuhi ARCHAIA    Art Design
CyberConnect2 Main Planner   
Noguchi, Yasuhiro Motion Director .hack//INFECTION
Isobe, Takayuki CyberConnect2 Graphics Team    Art Director .hack//INFECTION
Mitoma, Kotaro Graphics .hack//INFECTION
Sakamoto, Mitsutaka Graphics .hack//INFECTION
Nishikawa, Yuuki Graphics .hack//INFECTION
Abe, Taizo Graphics .hack//INFECTION
Kawano, Masayuki Motion & Streaming   .hack//INFECTION
Ueno, Miyuki Motion & Streaming   .hack//INFECTION
Oda, Kazuhiro Motion & Streaming   .hack//INFECTION
Irikawa, Yoshinari Motion & Streaming   .hack//INFECTION
Sugata, Kentarou Motion & Streaming   .hack//INFECTION
Yamaguchi, Takashi Motion & Streaming   .hack//INFECTION
Higashi, Hideyuki Motion & Streaming   .hack//INFECTION
Soyano, Shinji CyberConnect2 Programming Team .hack//INFECTION
Usami, Kousuke .hack//INFECTION
Kashino, Masao .hack//INFECTION
Hashimoto, Naoki .hack//INFECTION
Watanabe, Masao .hack//INFECTION
Arizono, Youichi .hack//INFECTION
Oota, Kazuki .hack//INFECTION
Fukuda, Norikatsu CyberConnect2 Sound Team Sound Programmer .hack//INFECTION
Fukuda, Chikayo Sound .hack//INFECTION
Nakata, Seizo Sound .hack//INFECTION
Nakata, Ken US Staff Executive Producer .hack//INFECTION
Uchida, Naruo Producer .hack//INFECTION
Takahashi, Minako Localization .hack//INFECTION
Maruya, Rika Localization .hack//INFECTION
Brewer, Roy Localization .hack//INFECTION
Okazaki, Marlon Localization .hack//INFECTION
Kiyosue, Sachiko KLS .hack//INFECTION
McCarter, Charles Special Thanks .hack//INFECTION
Takahara, Shu Special Thanks .hack//INFECTION
Fukaki, Ken Special Thanks .hack//INFECTION
Ogino, Hideki d3d2 Inc. Web Design .hack//INFECTION
Matsuoka, Kei Web Design .hack//INFECTION
Masuda, Shin Web Design .hack//INFECTION
Kamada, Takashi Web Design .hack//INFECTION
Unozawa, Shin Planning .hack//SIGN
Unozawa, Shin BANDAI Executive Producer (Project .hack) .hack//INFECTION
Aoyama, Takashi BANDAI Chief Producer (Project .hack) .hack//INFECTION
Watanabe, Hirotaka BANDAI Producer (Project .hack) .hack//INFECTION
Uchiyama, Daisuke BANDAI Producer (Project .hack) .hack//INFECTION
Uchiyama, Daisuke Producer .hack//SIGN
Inoue, Shinichirou Kadokawa Shoten .hack//INFECTION
Inoue, Shinichiro Planning Cooperation .hack//SIGN
Satou, Yuuki GAINAX    .hack//INFECTION
Morimoto, Kouji BANDAI VISUAL .hack//INFECTION
Morimoto, Kouji Producer .hack//SIGN
Arie, Yuuki Director, Episode Director, Storyboard .hack//SIGN
Morioka, Hiroshi Director, Episode Director, Storyboard .hack//SIGN
Sawai, Kouji Director, Episode Director, Storyboard .hack//SIGN
Takagi, Shigeki Director, Episode Director .hack//SIGN
Kawatsura, Shinya Episode Director, Storyboard .hack//SIGN
Kurokawa, Tomoyuki Episode Director, Production Manager .hack//SIGN
Kamata, Katsuaki Director of Photography .hack//SIGN
Jinno, Hiroaki Screenplay .hack//SIGN
Omode, Akemi Screenplay .hack//SIGN
Ban, Yukiko Character Design, Animation Director .hack//SIGN
Iwaoka, Yuko Character Design, Animation Director .hack//SIGN
Ohsawa, Satoshi Character Design, Animation Director .hack//SIGN
Volume 1 DVD Cover Illustration .hack//SIGN
Kado, Tomoaki Animation Director .hack//SIGN
Osawa, Akira Character Design .hack//SIGN
Shiba, Minako Character Design .hack//SIGN
Tsubata, Yoshiaki Animation Director .hack//SIGN
Oka, Tatsuya Animation Director, Mechanical Design .hack//SIGN
Teraoka, Kenji Mechanical Design .hack//SIGN
Umino, Yoshimi Art Director .hack//SIGN
Koyama, Toshihisa Background Art .hack//SIGN
Kojima, Makiko Color Design .hack//SIGN
Otani, Natsuyo Color Setting .hack//SIGN
Yoshida, Riichiro Color Design .hack//SIGN
Abe, Misao Key Animation .hack//SIGN
Chiba, Takaaki Key Animation .hack//SIGN
Haneda, Kouji Key Animation .hack//SIGN
Ishii, Kazuhiko Key Animation .hack//SIGN
Kotani, Kyouko Key Animation .hack//SIGN
Kubota, Chikashi Key Animation .hack//SIGN
Maehara, Rie Key Animation .hack//SIGN
Morimae, Kazuya Key Animation .hack//SIGN
Takahashi, Atsuko Key Animation .hack//SIGN
Takahashi, Eikichi Key Animation .hack//SIGN
Kamo, Ayumi In-Between Animation .hack//SIGN
Miyatake, Hitomi In-Between Animation .hack//SIGN
Taki, Natsuko In-Between Animation .hack//SIGN
Kurosawa, Masayuki In-Between Animation .hack//SIGN
Editing .hack//SIGN
Oikawa, Yukie Editing .hack//SIGN
Morita, Seiji Editing .hack//SIGN
Murakami, Masahiro Special Effects .hack//SIGN
Ohta, Shunsuke Storyboard .hack//SIGN
Tada, Shunsuke Storyboard .hack//SIGN
Nozaki, Keiichi Music Producer .hack//SIGN
Nakano, Tooru Sound Director .hack//SIGN
Urahata, Masaru Sound Effects .hack//SIGN
Fujiwara, Noboyuki Recording Engineer .hack//SIGN
Koiwa, Takashi Recording Engineer .hack//SIGN
Kojima, Kotaro Recording Engineer .hack//SIGN
Marino, George Recording Engineer .hack//SIGN
Okada, Tsutomu Recording Engineer .hack//SIGN
Nardone, Joseph Recording Engineer .hack//SIGN
Ishikawa, Chiaki Theme Song Performance, Music .hack//SIGN
See-Saw Theme Song Performance .hack//SIGN
Bindiger, Emily Music, Inserted Song Performance .hack//SIGN
Akagi, Rie Music .hack//SIGN
Aoki, Tomihito Music .hack//SIGN
Iijima, Norimitsu Music .hack//SIGN
Inaba, Masahiro Music .hack//SIGN
Ishibani, Masakazu Music .hack//SIGN
Kaida, Yuriko Music .hack//SIGN
Kakehashi, Ikou Music .hack//SIGN
Kasahara, Ayano Music .hack//SIGN
Kasahara, Yuri Music .hack//SIGN
Konno, Hitoshi Music .hack//SIGN
Kuwano, Hijiri Music .hack//SIGN
Matsuba, Haruki Music .hack//SIGN
Matsuda, Masato Music .hack//SIGN
Matsuyama, Hiroshi Music .hack//SIGN
Misawa, Matarou Music .hack//SIGN
Misawa, Matarou Music .hack//SIGN
Nishikawa, Susumu Music .hack//SIGN
Sato, Yoshiaki Music
Sawai, Genji Music .hack//SIGN
Takahashi, Tomoharu Music .hack//SIGN
Takano, Fumio Music .hack//SIGN
Takeda, Kazuhiro Music .hack//SIGN
Tashiro, Kouichirou Music .hack//SIGN
Yano, Haruko Music .hack//SIGN
Kawashiro, Kazumi Planning .hack//SIGN
Azuma, Fukashi Chief Producer, Program Chief (TV Tokyo) .hack//SIGN
Mori, Yasunori Co-Producer .hack//SIGN
Kaneko, Hideaki Executive Producer .hack//SIGN
Egawa, Kuninori Producer .hack//SIGN
Sasaki, Shirou Producer .hack//SIGN
Takagi, Kazunori Producer .hack//SIGN
Hulsey, Cherry Kaoru Production Coordination .hack//SIGN
Maru, Ryoji Production Manager .hack//SIGN
Kobayashi, Yasuko Post-Production Assistant .hack//SIGN
Wada, Kumiko Post-Production Assistant .hack//SIGN
Nakajima, Toshiyuki Publicity .hack//SIGN
Yamashita, Kou Publicity .hack//SIGN
Abe, Hiroyuki Publicity .hack//SIGN
Sugawara, Yoshinori Publicity .hack//SIGN
Saito, Yu Publicity .hack//SIGN
Ohnishi, Etsuyo Publicity .hack//SIGN
Miyai, Shiho Publicity .hack//SIGN

Voice Cast

Surname, First Name Role Title
Aida, Sayaka

(相田 さやか)

Kite .hack//INFECTION
Marshall, Mona Kite .hack//INFECTION
Asano, Masumi

(浅野 真澄)

BlackRose .hack//INFECTION
Lee, Wendee BlackRose .hack//INFECTION
Masutani, Yasunori

(増谷 康紀)

Orca .hack//INFECTION
Thornton, Kirk Orca .hack//INFECTION
Hiyama, Nobuyuki


Balmung .hack//INFECTION
Erholtz, Doug Balmung .hack//INFECTION
Tōma, Yumi


Helba .hack//INFECTION
McGlynn, Mary Helba .hack//INFECTION
Takayama, Minami

(高山 みなみ)

Mia .hack//INFECTION
Rogers, Debra Mia .hack//INFECTION
Saiga, Mistuki


Elk .hack//INFECTION
Siddall, Brianne Elk .hack//INFECTION
Nishimura, Tomomichi

(西村 知道)

Lios .hack//INFECTION
Papenbrook, Bob Lios .hack//INFECTION
Onozaka, Masaya


Piros .hack//INFECTION
Norris, Daran Piros .hack//INFECTION
Enomoto, Atsuko


Mistral .hack//INFECTION
Fox, Sandy Mistral .hack//INFECTION
Yamazaki, Takumi

(山崎 たくみ)

Wiseman .hack//INFECTION
Blum, Steven Jay Wiseman .hack//INFECTION
Masutani, Yasunori

(増谷 康紀)

Sanjuro .hack//INFECTION
Blum, Steven Jay Sanjuro .hack//INFECTION
Masutani, Yasunori

(増谷 康紀)

Moonstone .hack//INFECTION
Lang, Lex Moonstone .hack//INFECTION
Tōma, Yumi

(冬馬 由美)

Gardenia .hack//INFECTION
Hennesy, Carolyn Gardenia .hack//INFECTION
Hiyama, Nobuyuki

(檜山 修之)

Nuke Usagimaru .hack//INFECTION
Prince, Steven Nuke Usagimaru .hack//INFECTION
Hisakawa, Aya

(久川 綾)

Rachel .hack//INFECTION
Taylor, Julie Rachel .hack//INFECTION
Sakamoto, Maaya

(坂本 真綾)

Natsume .hack//INFECTION
Sargent, Lia Natsume .hack//INFECTION
Hiyama, Nobuyuki

(檜山 修之)

Marlo .hack//INFECTION
Klein, Bob Marlo .hack//INFECTION
Nazuka, Kaori

(名塚 佳織)

Terajima Ryoko .hack//INFECTION
Maddalena, Julie Terajima Ryoko .hack//INFECTION
Tōma, Yumi

(冬馬 由美)

Emma Wielant .hack//INFECTION
McGlynn, Mary Emma Wielant .hack//INFECTION
Yamazaki, Takumi

(山崎 たくみ)

Harald Hoerwick .hack//INFECTION
Klein, Bob Harald Hoerwick .hack//INFECTION
Freeman, Crispin Harald Hoerwick .hack//Liminality
Sakamoto, Maaya

(坂本 真綾)

Aura .hack//INFECTION
Sargent, Lia Aura .hack//INFECTION
Ruff, Michelle Mai Minase .hack//Liminality
Ruff, Michelle Additional Voices .hack//INFECTION
Lorge, Dan Additional Voices .hack//INFECTION
Baily, Kirk Masaya Makino .hack//Liminality
Baily, Kirk Additional Voices .hack//INFECTION
Timoney, Bill Additional Voices .hack//INFECTION
Warren, Dan Additional Voices .hack//INFECTION
Forstadt, Rebecca Additional Voices .hack//INFECTION
Frierson, Eddie Additional Voices .hack//INFECTION
Price, Jameson Junichiro Tokuoka .hack//Liminality
Price, Jameson Additional Voices .hack//INFECTION
Carlisi, Tina Additional Voices .hack//INFECTION
Forest, Mike Additional Voices .hack//INFECTION
Nickell, Barbara Additional Voices .hack//INFECTION
Fitzpatrick, Greg Additional Voices .hack//INFECTION
Laborteaux, Matt Additional Voices .hack//INFECTION
Soritch, Mike Additional Voices .hack//INFECTION
Doyle, Peter Additional Voices .hack//INFECTION
Culp, Annette Additional Voices .hack//INFECTION
Kouno, Tomoyuki Additional Voices .hack//INFECTION
Tanaka, Kan Additional Voices .hack//INFECTION
Yamaguchi, Takayuki Additional Voices .hack//INFECTION
Sakurai, Takahiro Additional Voices .hack//INFECTION
Kaida, Yuuko Additional Voices .hack//INFECTION
Tsuruno, Kyouko Additional Voices .hack//INFECTION
Kanda, Rie Additional Voices .hack//INFECTION
Judek, Gabriel Additional Voices .hack//INFECTION
Lynn, Sherry Yuki Aihara .hack//Liminality
Lanier, Jane Kyoko Tohno .hack//Liminality
Reisz, Michael Ichiro .hack//Liminality
Baily, Kirk Masaya Makino .hack//Liminality
Stigler, Barry Dr. Makino .hack//Liminality
Pulcini, Anthony Tomonari Kasumi .hack//Liminality
Sargent, Lia Aura .hack//Liminality
Hicks, Leslie Mrs. Minase .hack//Liminality
Albrecht, J. Grant Mr. Minase .hack//Liminality
Guest, Kim Mai Narumi .hack//Liminality
Sampler, Philece Kiyoka .hack//Liminality
DiRosario, Dyanne Kie .hack//Liminality
LaGloria Scott Erl .hack//Liminality
Steve McGowan Dark Suit .hack//Liminality
Brad MacDonald Paramedic A .hack//Liminality
Peter Doyle Paramedic B .hack//Liminality
LaGloria Scott Nurse A .hack//Liminality
DiRosario, Dyanne Nurse B .hack//Liminality
Jessica Straus Schoolgirl A .hack//Liminality
Sargent, Lia Schoolgirl B .hack//Liminality
Michael McCarty Bruiser A .hack//Liminality
Kevin Seymour Bruiser B .hack//Liminality
McGlynn, Mary Asaba .hack//Liminality
Freeman, Crispin Yuki's Brother .hack//Liminality
Annie Heller Wetherbee Miho .hack//Liminality
Kevin Seymour Pierro .hack//Liminality
Linda Sypien P. A. .hack//Liminality
Joe Ochman Sraff .hack//Liminality
Karen Strassman Mrs. Tohno .hack//Liminality
Kevin Brief Mr. Tohno .hack//Liminality
Catherine Battistone Old Woman .hack//Liminality
Susan Marque Hotel Rece[tionist .hack//Liminality
Christopher Corey Smith Guard A .hack//Liminality
Skip Stellrecht Guard B .hack//Liminality
Richard Cansino Guard C .hack//Liminality
Doug Stone Guard D .hack//Liminality