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Game Packaging Blurb

The Saga Continues…

As the outlaw player. Kite, you're on a mission of truth. Take a journey into a virtual world where anything is possible, and nothing is as it appears. Fight your way through contaminated levels of cyberspace as you take on and eliminate enemies, and unlock codes that will allow you to gate hack to even more environments - all in a desperate attempt to discover who or what's behind "The World".

•Bring your save data over from Part 1 and hit the ground running in Part 2 with your leveled up characters and items.

•Simulated MMORPG: no internet connection required!

•Dual Voiceover: Choose either English or Japanese for a totally immersive experience.


Special Features

What's new in .hack//MUTATION:[1]

•Exciting Battles!

Experience much more exciting battles by utilizing higher level skills from the new sets of equipment that are available! Also, improved party member AI programming for Chat Commands allows for advanced battle tactics.

•New Comrades!

Obtain member addresses from Nuke Usagimaru, Marlo, Rachel, Moonstone, and Wiseman!

•Grunty Race!

Participate in Grunty Racing with the Grunties you have raised in each of the towns! Winners will receive great prizes!

•New Summoning Magic!

The following summoning magic will be available:

Rod of Pattern:

Yarthkins Ch (Level 2 Magic)

Wryneck Ch (Level 2 Magic)


Merrows (Level 1 Magic)

Expert Wand:

Vulcan (Level 1 Magic)

Great Elite:

Lanceor (Level 1 Magic)

Lanceor Ch (Level 2 Magic)

•Evolution of the Bracelet!

The Bracelet evolves to a higher level with the additional skill, “Drain Ark” which Data Drains multiple enemies at once!

•Additional Chat Reactions!

Chat reactions for team members have been added for a more "human" experience!

•New Area Revealed in the OVA!

Find the secret area in the OVA that is packaged in the game to get a rare item!

•Hidden Summoning Magic, "More Goblins!"

A level 2 summoning magic will become available in the next round of tag with the Golden Goblins!

•Higher Level Offensive Magic!

Treasure Wand, Gaia's Staff:

OrGan Don (Level 3 Magic)

Rod of Patterns:

OrRue Rom (Level 3 Magic)

Witch's Wand:

OrmeAni Zot (Level 3 Magic)

New Root Town, "Carmina Gadelica"!

Λ Server opens with its Root Town, Carmina Gadelica! More powerful equipment and scrolls can be obtained in this new town.

•Server Theme "Reversed City"!

Go to the Reversed City that Tsukasa, Mimiru, Bear, BT, Crim and Sora went in episode 13 and 14 of .hack//SIGN! Fight the boss monster, Angolmore and Data Drain him to obtain the rare item, Crimson Raid.

•"Reminiscing SIGN"

Phantoms of .hack//SIGN characters appear in Δ Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground. What does it mean?

•Encounter Characters from .hack//SIGN

Encounter Mimiru and A-20 from .hack//SIGN and find out what they have been up to.

•Two New Grunties!

Raise two new Grunties: Boney Grunty and Snakey Grunty in Λ Server.

•First Battle with Cubia!

Battle the mysterious monster Cubia that made a shocking appearance at the end of part 1.

•Net Slum!

Go to Net Slum that appeared in episode 24 of .hack//SIGN will make an appearance! This illegal location created by Helba plays a key role in the game.


Bonus Content



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