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This page details characters met within the Tetralogy of games. They are listed by which game they first appeared chronologically and by their in-fiction status as Player Characters or Non-Player Characters, as well as Primary or Secondary roles. For characters with many details, there will be a link to their in-depth page. For characters who are also fought as enemies, a link to their enemy data will be provided. This page is primarily for story and plot information.

Primary Characters


Kite BlackRose Balmung Orca Sanjuro Piros Gardenia Nuke Usagimaru Moonstone Terajima Ryoko
Kite Balmung Orca Terajima Ryoko
Male Female Male Male Male Male Female Male Male Female
Twin Blade Heavy Blade Blademaster Blademaster Heavy Blade Heavy Axeman Long Arm Long Arm Twin Blade Heavy Axeman
Elk Mia Helba Mistral Rachel Natsume Wiseman Lios Marlo Aura
Helba Natsume Lios
Male Female Female Female Female Female Male Male Male Female
Wavemaster Blademaster Wavemaster Wavemaster Blademaster Twin Blade Wavemaster N/A Blademaster N/A

Secondary Characters

In The World, you may come across other player characters in towns or the fields. They are meant to emulate other people playing The World alongside you. Whenever you log into The World, it refreshes the pool of characters you will encounter in town. You can trade with them or make small talk. Occasionally what they have to say will change after progressing through the story.

Player Characters
Wing Macky NOVA Sachiko Neja Heavy
Male Male Male Female Male Female
Blademaster Wavemaster Heavy Blade Wavemaster Twin Blade Wavemaster
Benkei Hayate Task Hinata A-Kichi Cleama
Male Female Male Female Male Female
Heavy Axeman Twin Blade Long Arm Blademaster Wavemaster Long Arm
Grid Quess Nekoski Gyokuro Osugi Acerola
Male Female Male Male Male Female
Long Arm Wavemaster Heavy Axeman Wavemaster Blademaster Long Arm
Borscht M-78 Yuckey BIG Yuji Cima
Male Male Male Male Male Female
Blademaster Blademaster Wavemaster Blademaster Blademaster Long Arm
Koji Crest Mayunosuke Mutsuki Oborozukiyo Bell
Male Male Male Male Male Female
Wavemaster Heavy Axemen Heavy Blade Blademaster Twin Blade Twin Blade
Cossack Leader Alue Alpha Ichigoro
Male Male Male
Wavemaster Wavemaster Long Arm

Cameo Characters

Tail Concerto Cameo Characters
Alicia Stare Flare Fool
Female Female Female Male
Blademaster Wavemaster Twin Blade Wavemaster
Teria Waffle Cyan Panta
Female Male Male Male
Long Arm Twin Blade Heavy Blade Wavemaster
Silent Bomber Cameo Characters
Jutah Annri Benoit John Micino Tim
Male Female Male Male Female Male
Twin Blade Wavemaster Twin Blade Blademaster Blademaster Wavemaster

Other Player Characters

Character Name: Edajima




Character image: Edajima on the Left Sieg on the Left
Gender Male Male
Class Heavy Axeman Blademaster
Quote from Scene I saw a strange character in the alley. It looked like a cat. :-) Is it possible to edit like that? A cat? Oh yeah, I saw it too. I prefer bunny girls though.
Administrator Administrator
Administrator Administrator
Male Male

Kite and party encounter this System Administrator in the top floor of the dungeon in a corrupted area.

Kite receives the Book of Law as a prize. The person who gives the item is encountered when ___

Gardenia Fan Club






No Picture No Picture No Picture No Picture
Long Arm Twin Blade Wavemaster Wavemaster


Heavy Axeman
Bob Linda Kazu Sieg
Male Female Male Male
Long Arm Long Arm Wavemaster Blademaster

These players may be encountered irregularly in scripted events.

Edajima エダジマ (heavy axeman) Sieg Administrator Book of Law Prize Giver Gardenia Fan Club: Heril (Spear) ヘリル Moeri (twin blade) 萌璃 Meria (wavemaster) 芽留亜 ???(wavemaster) Apeiron アペイロン Orca's friends: Bob ボブ Linda リンダ

Nuke's event: Morgan モーガン Nece Sasaki ササキ Q Q Melon めろん Rachel's event: ANNE (twin blade) Basin Shield -> Paper Cloak ANNE Bate (axeman) Plastic Sword -> Mad Opener ペイト or ベイト catherine (wavemaster) Mad Opener -> Basin Shield キャサリン Dick (wavemaster) Paper Cloak -> Love Archery ディック Marlo's event: Justice (swordsman) 正義 Peace (axeman) 平和

Alert Spoiler Warning Alert
The following section, "Coma Victims" contains details that may be considered spoilers for the Games Tetralogy. Proceed at your own discretion.

Coma Victims

Orca Kazu Sieg
Male Male Male
Blademaster Wavemaster Blademaster

Forum Posters


Au]$ Roy@Bandai



These NPCs are in towns.

Mac Anu

Mac Anu NPCs
Item Shop NPC Magic Shop NPC Weapon Shop NPC Elf's Haven NPC Recorder NPC

Dun Loreiag

Save Shop NPC Elf's Haven NPC Weapon Shop NPC Armor Shop NPC Magic Shop NPC Grunty Ranch NPC


Grunty Ranch
Grunty Raising
Little Grunty Grunty the Kid
Dun Loireag
Noble Grunty Iron Grunty Poison Grunty
Bony Grunty Snakey Grunty Aqua Grunty Milky Grunty Rocker Grunty Wooden Grunty
Stray Grunties
Stray Grunty




Aura Morganna Harald

The 8 Phases

Character Name:! Skeith Innis Magus Fidchell Gorre Macha Tarvos Corbenik
Character image: Skeith
Title The Terror of Death The Mirage of Deceit The Propagation The Prophet The Machinator The Temptress The Avenger The Rebirth
Phase # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Net Slum

Tartarga Culhwch Dorin Sconk Spiritas Thea Sheraton Jinn Plaird

SIGN Phantoms

Tsukasa Mimiru Bear Subaru Silver Knight Crim BT Sora A-20 Macha
Male Female Male Female Male Male Female Male Female Female
Wavemaster Heavy Blade Blademaster Heavy Axeman Blademaster Long Arm Wavemaster Twin Blade Twin Blade N/A
Character Name: The Guardian Twilight Guardian Dawn Wanderer Temptress Lover
Character image: