Mutation Monsters

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Regular Encounters

Infection Mobs

 Goblin             Disco Knife       Mad Grass
 Swordmanoid        Deadly Moth       Snip Snap
 Magical Goblin     Chicken Hand      Sky Fish
 Headhunter         Cadet Valkyrie    Sword of Chaos
 Mushroom King      Ectoplasm         Mummy Ripper
 Hobgoblin          Fiend Menhir      Snakoid
 Bee Army           Dust Curse        Mimic
 Scorpion Tank      Shield Man        Rock Head
 Red Wyrm           Cyclo Shark       Hungry Grass
 Guardian           Crab Turtle       Flame Heads
 Stone Turtle       Thousand Trees    Heavy Metal
 Water Witch        Goblin Knight     Sled Dog
 Lamia Fighter      Nomadic Bones     Shining Eyes
 Ochimusha          Squilla Demon     Goblin Wiz
 Killer Snaker      Metal Emperor     Arrow Fish
 Menhir             Scarlet King      Phantom Wing
 Noisy Wisp         General Armor     Dark Witch
 Wood Harpy         Fire Witch        Lambda Knife
 Gladiator          Fresh Valkyrie    Hell Box
 Living Dead        Grand Mage        Lamia Hunter
 Baby Worm          Hammer Shark      Ironball
 Armor Shogun       Snappy Grass      Cannibal
 Lead Snakoid       Halloween         Dark Rider
 Metal Goblin       Bee Assault       Mantis
 Ogre               Wood Stock        MU Guardian
 Goil Menhir        Cursed Blades     Red Scissors
 Hell Hound         Tetra Armor       Phoenix Queen
 Mystery Rock       

Mutation Mobs

 Phalanx            Shield Devil      Hysteria
 Dead Crane         Smiley Ray        Great Sled Dog
 Bone Army          Grand Cold        Metal Eraser
 Green Wyrm         Hackleberry King  Specter
 Snake Rat Ark      IronBall Mania    Armor Evil
 Valkyrie           Star Fish         Headless King
 Voodoo Goblin      Killer Box        Mummy Scissors
 Statue Menhir      King Snakoid      Orochi
 Pumpkin King       Nobunaga Soul     Scorpoid
 Sand Hill          Druid Witch       Lamia Assassin
 Starving Ogre      Hades Hound       Moonlighter
 Grand Electric     Franken           Temple Knight
 Big Eyes           Dalaigon          Dark Horse
 Inferno            IronBall Titan    Spinx Menhir
 Headhunt Lord      Mad Witch         Ark Prince
 Ancient            Harpy Queen       Squidbod
 Easter Rock        House Golem       Brown Wyrm
 King Worm          Dalaigon Anec

Event Monsters

Gold Goblins

 Stehoney        Stehoney R
 Jonue           Jonue R
 Zyan            Zyan R
 Albert          Albert R
 Martina         Martina R

Irregular Monsters

Drained Mobs

 Razine             Porolin           Long Lived
 Flamer             Kakasinger        Pippy
 Monkey Crab        Bat               Moai
 Minnow             Gremlin           Little Doggie
 Wiggle Snake       Limp Knife        Dragon Puppy
 Twinkle Grass      Charmer           Fake Money
 Death Head         Wiggly            Odoro

Data Bugs

Eight Phases

Phase Name: Innis
Phase image:


 Cubia 1st