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{{{Weapon Icon}}} {{{Weapon Name}}}
{{{Weapon Image}}}

{{{Weapon Description}}}

Skills Added Effects:
{{{Skills}}} {{{Added Effects}}}
Physical: Magical: Others:
Attack {{{Physical Attack}}} Attack {{{Magical Attack}}} Earth {{{Earth}}} Thunder {{{Thunder}}}
Defense {{{Physical Defense}}} Defense {{{Magical Defense}}} Water {{{Water}}} Darkness {{{Darkness}}}
Accuracy {{{Physical Accuracy}}} Accuracy {{{Magical Accuracy}}} Fire {{{Fire}}} Spirit {{{Spirit}}}
Evade {{{Physical Evade}}} Evade {{{Magical Evade}}} Wood {{{Wood}}} Body {{{Body}}}


{{IMOQ Weapons Infobox
|Weapon Icon =
|Weapon Name =
|Weapon Image = 
|Weapon Description = 
|Skills =
|Added Effects =
|Physical Attack =
|Magical Attack =
|Earth =
|Thunder =
|Physical Defense =
|Magical Defense =
|Water =
|Darkness =
|Physical Accuracy =
|Magical Accuracy =
|Fire =
|Spirit =
|Physical Evade =
|Magical Evade =
|Wood =
|Body =

Weapon Icons
Heavy Axeman
Heavy Blade
Long Arm
Twin Blade