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ALTIMIT OS is an operating system created by ALTIMIT and is the operating system used in the .hack//IMOQ series. Considered to be a perfect system, unable to be infected by any viruses, was forced by Law to become the OS everyone must use on their systems after the Pluto's Kiss event. When the Pluto Again event occurred, favor for this operating system fell to the wayside and ALTIMIT MINE OS came to be the new operating system most people turned to.

The default desktop image for ALTIMIT OS


Once one boots up their computer, they have a few options to choose from on the left hand side of the screen.

The World

A Massive Multiplayer Online game that was the first of it's kind to come out after Pluto's Kiss. Developed specifically for use on ALTIMIT OS.

Game Launcher

Launches The World. Players will start near the Chaos Gate.


Players can read forum posts here.

Log Out

Returns user to the desktop.


Where one would check their virtual mail, functions as both an email and as private messaging within The World.


Functions like a virtual newspaper, with information about events that happen outside of The World within the real world of the series.


To change the wallpaper, so people can customize their experience and make the operating system more pleasing to look at.


A music player, where one can listen to music, and updated the music that plays on their desktop.

Data Management

Where someone playing one of the games in the .hack//imoq series can save and load their game file.