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Company Name Role Title
CyberConnect2 Production Cooperation


Bee Train
Bandai Visual Producer

.hack//G.U. Returner .hack//G.U. Trilogy .hack//G.U. Trilogy: Parody Mode .hack//Liminality .hack//Quantum .hack//Quantum: Sore ike! Bokura no Chimuchimu-chan!! .hack//Roots .hack//SIGN .hack//Tasogare no Udewa Densetsu .hack//Unison

Bandai Entertainment, Inc.
Yomiko Advertising


Surname, First Name Role Title
Mashimo, Kouichi Director, Sound Director, Script, Storyboard, Screenplay, Editing .hack//SIGN
Ito, Kazunori Series Composition, Series Supervisor, Screenplay .hack//SIGN
Sadamoto, Yoshiyuki Character Design, Original Character Design .hack//SIGN
Yokote, Michiko Screenplay .hack//SIGN
Kajiura, Yuki Music Producer, Theme Song Lyrics, Theme Song Composition, Theme Song Arrangement, Recording Engineer .hack//SIGN

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