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This page details trades made in Infection.[1]

Party Members

Party Members
Character Name: Orca
Character image: Orca BlackRose Piros
Class Blademaster Heavy Blade Heavy Axeman
Trade Offers Speed Charm Speed Charm Speed Charm
Grunt Doll
Yellow Candy
Cypress Wand
Character Name: Mistral
Character image: Mistral Mia Elk
Class Wavemaster Blademaster Wavemaster
Trade Offers Speed Charm
Bronze Axe
Spear of Spell
Plate Armor
Speed Charm
The Lovers
Speed Charm
Curing Sword
Raging Earth
Optional Party Members
Character Name: Natsume
Character image: Natsume Sanjuro Gardenia
Class Twin Blade Heavy Blade Long Arm
Trade Offers Speed Charm
Fire Spear
Speed Charm
Inferno Wand
Ice Storm
Speed Charm
Spell Blades
Hands of Wood
Health Charm

Other Players

Player Characters
Character Name: Wing
Character image: Wing Macky NOVA
Class Blademaster Wavemaster Heavy Blade
Trade Offers Health Charm

Mage's Soul Spark Blades Stun Sword Cougar Bandana Miner's Gloves

Soul Charm

Artisan's Soul Lath Blades Slayer Raccoon Earcap Fishing Gloves

Speed Charm

Emperor's Soul Fuse Blades Nodachi Newt Necklace Smith's Gloves

Character Name: Sachiko
Character image: Sachiko Neja Heavy
Class Wavemaster Twin Blade Wavemaster
Trade Offers Light Cross

Noble Wine Shadow Blades Stun Sword Hunter's Hood Mountain Helm

Hale Cross

Forest of Fear Spark Blades Slayer Ice Hunter Cap Ice Helm

Divine Cross

Lightning Bolt Lath Blades Nodachi Fire Dance Hat Fire Helm

Character Name: Benkei
Character image: Benkei Hayate Task
Class Heavy Axeman Twin Blade Long Arm
Trade Offers Warrior Blood

Plasma Storm Fuse Blades Stun Sword Mountain Helm Mountain Boots

Knight Blood

Ion Strike Shadow Blades Slayer Ice Helm Snow Panther

Hunter Blood

Raging Plasma Spark Blades Nodachi Fire Helm Fire Lizard

Character Name: Hinata
Character image: Hinata A-Kichi Cleama
Class Blademaster Wavemaster Long Arm
Trade Offers Hermit Blood

Thunderbolt Lath Blades Stun Sword Hiking Gear Hunter's Hood

Beast Blood

Plasma Gale Fuse Blades Slayer Winter Coat Ice Hunter Cap

Wizard Blood

Nightblight Shadow Blades Nodachi Fireman's Coat Fire Dance Hat

Character Name: Grid
Character image: Grid Quess Nekoski
Class Long Arm Wavemaster Heavy Axeman
Trade Offers Health Drink

Dark Night Spark Blades Fire Wand Wyrm Hide Cougar Bandana

Healing Potion

Dark Traitor Lath Blades Air Wand Wyrm Scale Raccoon Earcap

Healing Elixir

Chaos Spell Fuse Blades Electric Wand Firedrake Mail Newt Necklace

Character Name: Gyokuro
Character image: Gyokuro Osugi Acerola
Class Wavemaster Twin Blade or Blademaster Long Arm
Trade Offers Antidote

Nightfear Shadow Blades Flame Axe Grand Armor Mountain Boots


Nightshade Spark Blades Wind Axe Frost Armor Snow Panther


The Death Lath Blades Thunder Axe Blaze Armor Fire Lizard

Character Name: Borscht
Character image: Borscht M-78 Yuckey
Class Blademaster Blademaster Wavemaster
Trade Offers Warrior Blood

The Hanged Man Fuse Blades Flame Axe Fossil Bracer Wyrm Hide

Knight Blood

The Lovers Shadow Blades Wind Axe Frost Bracer Wyrm Scale

Hunter Blood

The Moon Spark Blades Thunder Axe Fire Bracer Firedrake Mail

Character Name: Nijukata
(二十肩 )
Character image: Nijukata Hirami Henako
Class Heavy Blade Blademaster Wavemaster
Trade Offers Hermit Blood

The Fool Lath Blades Fire Spear Miner's Gloves Ceramic Anklet

Beast Blood

The Devil Fuse Blades Wooden Spear Fishing Gloves Frost Anklet

Wizard Blood

Warrior's Bane Shadow Blades Electric Spear Smith's Gloves Iron Anklet

Character Name: BIG
(B I G)
Character image: BIG Yuji Cima
Class Blademaster Blademaster Long Arm
Trade Offers Ice Floe

Knight's Bane Spark Blades Fire Spear Hands of Earth Hunter's Hood

Ice Strike

Hunter's Bane Lath Blades Wooden Spear Hands of Water Ice Hunter Cap


Hermit's Bane Fuse Blades Electric Spear Hands of Fire Fire Dance Hat

Character Name: Koji
Character image: Koji Crest Mayunosuke
Class Wavemaster Heavy Axemen Heavy Blade
Trade Offers Absolute Zero

Beast's Bane Shadow Blades Fire Wand Ceramic Anklet Wyrm Hide


Wizard's Bane Spark Blades Air Wand Frost Anklet Wyrm Scale

Fire Tempest

Stonebane Lath Blades Electric Wand Iron Anklet Firedrake Mail

Character Name: Mutsuki
Character image: Mutsuki Oborozukiyo Bell
Class Blademaster Twin Blade Twinblade
Trade Offers Meteor Swarm

Waterbane Gakaku Fire Wand Mountain Boots Mountain Guard

Flame Blast

Firebane Strange Blade Air Wand Snow Panther Aqua Guard

Fireball Storm

Treebane Executioner Electric Wand Fire Lizard Flare Guard

Character Name: Cossack Leader
Alpha Ichigoro
Character image: Cossack Leader Alue Alpha Ichigoro
Class Wavemaster Wavemaster Long Arm
Trade Offers Hellstorm

Lightbane Gakaku Fire Wand Mountain Guard Fishing Gloves

Inferno Strike

Nightbane Strange Blade Air Wand Aqua Guard Smith's Gloves

Green Gale

Health Charm Executioner Electric Wand Flare Guard Hands of Earth

Cameo Characters

Tail Concerto Homage
Character Name: Alicia
Character image: Alicia Stare Flare
Class Blademaster Wavemaster Twin Blade
Trade Offers
Has Wants
Fossil Bracer Well Water x10
Hands of Earth Well Water x10
Power Book Well Water x25
Has Wants
Hands of Water Pure Water x10
Frost Bracer Pure Water x10
Tolerance Book Pure Water x25
Has Wants
Fire Bracer Burning Oil x10
Hands of Fire Burning Oil x10
Insight Book Burning Oil x25
Tail Concerto Homage
Character Name: Fool
Character image: Fool Teria Waffle
Class Wavemaster Long Arm Twin Blade
Trade Offers
Has Wants
Air Bracer Holy Sap x10
Hands of Wood Holy Sap x10
Spiritual Book Holy Sap x25
Has Wants
Storm Bracer Sports Drink x10
Hands of Storm Sports Drink x10
Graceful Book Sports Drink x25
Has Wants
Shadow Blades Cooked Bile x10
Ebony Wand Cooked Bile x10
Swift Book Cooked Bile x25

Tail Concerto Homage
Character Name: Cyan
Character image: Cyan Panta
Class Heavy Blade Wavemaster
Trade Offers
Has Wants
Miner's Gloves Well Water x10
Ceramic Anklet Well Water x10
Feng Shui Well Water x25
Has Wants
Frost Anklet Pure Water x10
Fishing Gloves Pure Water x10
Water Magic Pure Water x25

Silent Bomber Homage
Character Name: Jutah
Character image: Jutah Annri Benoit
Class Twin Blade Wavemaster Twin Blade
Trade Offers
Has Wants
Smith's Gloves Burning Oil x10
Iron Anklet Burning Oil x10
Fire Magic Burning Oil x25
Has Wants
Oak Anklet Holy Sap x10
Forest Gloves Holy Sap x10
Wood Magic Holy Sap x25
Has Wants
Thunder Gloves Sports Drink x10
Thunder Anklet Sports Drink x10
Thunder Magic Sports Drink x25

Silent Bomber Homage
Character Name: John
Character image: John Micino Tim
Class Blademaster Blademaster Wavemaster
Trade Offers
Has Wants
Midnight Axe Cooked Bile x10
Unicorn Blade Cooked Bile x10
Black Magic Cooked Bile x25
Has Wants
Grand Armor Silver Axe x5
Hiking Gear Silver Axe x5
Thunder Cloak Golden Axe x10
Silver Axe x10
Has Wants
Thunder Torque Golden Axe x10
Silver Axe x10
Ice Hunter Cap Golden Axe 5
Fire Dance Hat Golden Axe 5


Noble Grunty Grunt Doll Rainbow Card Yellow Candy Silver Scarab

Iron Grunty Forester Helm Ice Helm Fire Helm Aromatic Grass Flame Sword

Poison Grunty Fire Tempest Stonebane Singing Blade Claymore Charged Axe


  1. Trade item data provided by Lindz's Archive and verified by MysteryCorgi.