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This page details characters met in Quarantine. This page is primarily for story and plot information. Characters are listed by their in-fiction status as Player Characters or Non-Player Characters, as well as by the prominence of their roles. For characters with extensive bios, clicking their profile image or name will lead to their in-depth page. For characters who are also fought as enemies, a link to their enemy data will be provided.

Primary Characters

Mandatory Party Members

Optional Party Members

Other Major Characters

Player Characters

AI characters

Secondary Characters

Player Characters

In The World, you may come across other player characters in towns or the fields. They are meant to emulate other people playing The World alongside you. Whenever you log into The World, it refreshes the pool of characters you will encounter in town. Throughout Quarantine until the post-game, most of the character dialogue remains largely unchanged from what it was in Outbreak. The cameo trade group and .hack//SIGN characters have some dialogue changes.[1] After [Omega] Obedient Someone's Knights, Crim's dialogue changes. For info on trading with characters: Quarantine Trading

Cameo Characters

.hack//SIGN Characters

Other Player Characters

NPCs of The World

Mac Anu

Dun Loreiag





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