Grunty Food

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Grunty Food
Image Name Clue
Cordyceps Near a large statue of Buddha
Grunt Mints Near a very hot square face
La Pumpkin Near a huge cocoon
Mandragora Near pointed towers
Mushroom In the shadow of mushroom boulders
Oh No Melon Near barnacles
Piney Apple Deep in the green forest
Root Vegetable By a wall at end of the labyrinth
Snaky Cactus Near ribs that were once an ocean
Twilight Onion Near a very strange old weapon
White Cherry Near a very cold pillar
Bear Cat Egg Deep in a very fancy gallery
Bloody Egg In stomach of a very scary monster
Golden Egg A few grow inside an important story
Immature Egg Deep in a very dark labyrinth
Invisible Egg Inside a very deep cave