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Fields are areas that players can visit by using the Chaos Gate. Each field is uniquely generated with variables based on the keywords used and which server players warp from. The field is a finite area with a looping map. Fields have hills of varying altitude and are full of scenic structures. Some of the structures have glowing Symbols, which can be interacted with to gain a temporary status effect. Each field generally allows players to access an individual dungeon. Both the fields and the dungeons are full of magic portals that contain monsters, which will appear if approached. In fields, there may also be roaming monsters. Different kinds of Grunty Food can be harvested from fields and dungeons.

Field Types

Grassland Field

Grassland fields are verdant prairies dotted with the occasional tree and architectural structures like Windmills.

Humus Field

These loamy fields are filled with mushrooms and decay.


Earth Field

These battle-scarred fields


Snow Field

Snow Field

These frigid fields are filled with creatures and remnants of society, seemingly frozen in time by an ice age.


Desert Field

These sand-filled areas are littered with giant shells and barnacles indicate that these areas may have been ocean evaporated long ago.

Scorching Field

Scorching Field

These fields are full of lava that has burst forth to the surface. Steam appears in spurts out of the ground.


These forest areas are similar in structure to dungeons, only above ground.

Special Fields

Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground

Airship Brigade

Inverted Castle City

Flying Creature

Dungeon Types

Dungeons often have trapped rooms that block the entrance and exits until all monsters in that room are defeated.

Stone Wall Dungeon

Castle Dungeon

Cave Dungeon

Meatwall/Flesh Wall Dungeon

Plot-relevant Fields


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Special Keywords