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By Season

.hack Timeline of Events
Project .hack
(Season 1)
Date Title Game Version
2007 frägment
The World R:1 is released
.hack//G.U. Begins
    • .hack//SIGN Chapter 1: Encounter
    • .hack//SIGN Chapter 2: Despair
    • .hack//SIGN Chapter 3: Declaration
    • .hack//SIGN Chapter 4: Catastrophe
The World:R1

New Novelization 「.hack」

.hack//G.U. Begins
    • .hack// Chapter 1: Infection
    • .hack// Chapter 2: Mutation
    • .hack// Chapter 3: Outbreak
    • .hack// Chapter 4: Destruction
    • .hack// Chapter 5: Quarantine
    • .hack// Chapter 6: Rebirth
2011 .hack//SIGN OVA "Unison"
2013 Kamui (AI Buster 2)

Rumor (AI Buster 2)

2014 Firefly (AI Buster 2)
.hack//Legend of the Twilight (manga)
.hack//Legend of the Twilight (anime)
unknown .hack//frägment Online✕Offline

Vol.1 LGT .hack//GIFT

.hack Conglomerate
(Season 2)
Date Title Game Version
2015 The World R:2 is released The World:R2
2016 First Login


.hack//G.U. Begins
    • .hack//Roots Chapter 1: Welcome to the World
    • .hack//Roots Chapter 2: Forefeel
    • .hack//Roots Chapter 3: Breakup
    • .hack//Roots Chapter 4: Tragedy
    • .hack//Roots Chapter 5: Painful Forest
    • .hack//Roots Chapter 6: Determination

.hack//Alcor .hack//Alcor

2017 .hack//GnU .hack//GnU .hack//Cell Online Jack

.hack//G.U. Trilogy
.hack//G.U. novels
.hack//G.U.+ .hack//G.U.+

.hack//4koma Peaco's Story
.hack//G.U. Returner
2018 .hack//G.U. Ragtime
.hack//G.U. Innocent Call
unknown .hack//4koma
Project Third
(Season 3)
Date Title Game Version
2020 .hack//Link

.hack//Link manga .hack//Link manga

The World R:X
2022 .hack//Quantum OVA

.hack//Quantum Novel
.hack//Quantum i(Introduction)

2023 .hack//Bullet Unknown (不明)[1]
2024 .hack//Beyond The World

Beyond The World: SORA

2025 .hack//Versus

.hack//Versus: Thanatos Report

VERSUS: The World
2030 Guilty Dragon (Smart Phone Game) The World: Armed Conflict
2032 New World[1] (Smart Phone Game) The World: Re-vice age

Specific Media Timelines

.hack Official Website Timeline

The North American version of the .hack website ( had a page dedicated to the series timeline.[2] This was available until the website was updated for the G.U. series, therefor this information mostly applied to the Games Tetralogy and .hack//SIGN. The events largely match the AI Buster 2 Timeline with some translation differences.

timeline of the alternate history that lead to the events in dot hack series. Text transcribed to table below.
Date Event
End of the 20th Century The global information highway known as the "internet" is born from the Department of Defense's ARPANET. By 1999, the internet is accessible to most of the world.
Beginning of 21st Century Through spread of the network, "Democratization of Information" occurs. As a result, it becomes difficult to conceal information. Dictatorships and police states are on the verge of extinction. By he end of the first five years of the 21st century, communist dictatorship in East Asia and military states in the Middle East either disappear from the face of the Earth, or are forced to change their system of government. However, problems with network hackers attacking host servers and instigating other internet crimes exponentially increase as they change their methods of operation and increase the frequency of their attacks.
October 2002 The World Network Council (WNC) is formed under the United Nations. All countries with internet environments are obligated to join the council.
January 2003 WNC Winter General Meeting is held (the first WNC general meeting). Each country quickly discloses their differences in expectations and difficulty in making adjustments. It becomes a general meeting that tests the limits of the WNC.
April 2003 Outbreak of the new type of virus, "Hello WNC," occurs. The M Company's e-mail program, which held 70% of the market share at the time, is targeted. In the end, there were over several million reports of damage.
July 2003 WNC Summer General Meeting is held. The main agenda on the table is the counter-measure against "Hello WNC." International public opinion opposing this necessity quickly rises as WNC is unable to reach any decision or take any drastic or landmark measures.
December 2003 Outbreak of a new type of virus, "Deadly Flash" occurs. Seven people are dead. The death penalty is ruled for the first time in internet crime history for the Japanese man who created the virus.
April 2004 WNC Spring General Meeting is held. The Japanese, German, and Italian delegations propose the concept of "New Generation Hyper Net," but it is vetoed by the objections from the United States and China. As a result, only agendas such as the "Advancement of Research and Investigation of New Type of Viruses," "Support for New Development of Security Techniques," and "Stronger Punishment for Cyber Crimes such as Hacking and Computer Virus Creations" are voted upon.
August 2004 The host computer of the Swiss Banks is hacked. Losses are reported to be over 80 billion dollars. A terrorist organization active in the 20th century claims responsibility, but the culprit is yet to be apprehended.
January 2005 Stock prices in the New York Stock Exchange repeatedly show high surges and drops. From a manifesto issued by the culprit, it becomes clear that the main computers in the Stock Exchange on Wall Street and major securities companies have been hacked. The culprit is yet to be caught.
Spring - Fall 2005


With the surge in cyber crime, the existence of the WNC, which only displays the slogan of "Support for Security Development" and "Elimination of Cyber Crimes," becomes questionable.
December 2005 "Pluto's Kiss" outbreak occurs. All networks on the globe crash on December 24th. Almost all computers and communication control systems connected to the network experience malfunctions, wreaking havoc and chaos over the world. This day the network that has spread to the far reaches of the globe, "meets death." The network recovers 77 minutes after the incident, but inherent dangers such as the triggering of the United States' nuclear defense systems and automated counter-strike program, still loom. The culprit is a 10-year-old grade school student. The "Democratization of Cyber Crimes" results as a consequence of the "Democratization of Information."
January 2006 Jim Stonecold, the 44th President of the United states of America, resigns, taking responsibility for the "Pluto's Kiss" incident.

WNC Winter General Meeting is held. The proposal of "New Generation Hyper Net" from 2005 resurfaces and the only OS that evaded the "Pluto's Kiss," ALTIMIT is designated as the universal basic operating system.

Summer 2006


The business OS, "ALTIMIT," becomes available to the general public. Also around this time, the core members of the ALTIMIT developing team depart from the company and establish CyberConnect Corporation.

A German programmer named Harald Hörwick brings the network game, "Fragment," to CC Corporation.

January 2007 The next generation network system using ALTIMIT spreads across the world. A communication network volume before the "Pluto's Kiss" is completed. ALTIMIT Co. (headquartered in San Francisco), establishes local subsidiaries in 12 different locations throughout the globe.
May 2007 Testing of the ALTIMIT network game, "Fragment," begins. After the "Pluto's Kiss" incident, all forms of network entertainment are restricted, but this project is granted special permission from the WNC to be conducted to "invigorate the currently dead network entertainment markets."
July 2007 "Fragment" dominates the board for network users. Rumors spread that "Fragment" is based upon the network epic, "Epitaph of Twilight," which is famous among certain groups of users. CC Corporation joins the international stock market.
October 2007 WNC makes an official announcement that as of October 31st, nearly 100% of all network servers in the world have been ported to ALTIMIT OS. It is also announced that all network restrictions will be lifted as of midnight December 24th (Network Peace Proclamation). The United Nations votes to make this day an international holiday known as "Virgin's Kiss."

CC Corporation issues a press release and officially announces the release of the Massive Multi-player Online Role Playing Game, "The World," which is laso the official title of the game known as "Fragment." The release date is almost universal throughout the globe, with download available beginning at midnight on December 24th, as "Virgin's Kiss" holiday begins.

First half of November 2007 Reservation for "The World" begins. 1 million users log in the first hour. CC Corporation's total stock value surpasses ALTIMIT Co.
Second half of November 2007 Rumors of "The World" not being released spreads among the network community. CC Corporation denies the rumor.
December 24, 2007 "Virgin's Kiss" arrives. President Alex Coleman announces the "Network Peace Proclamation" to the world. Download of "The World" commences.

AI Buster 2

AI Buster 2 Timeline
Date Event (Tokyopop ver.)[3]
End of
the 20th
The U.S. Department of Defense develops the ARPANET, which becomes

the basis of the Internet.
By 1999, almost everyone across the world has access.

of the 21st
As the Internet increases in popularity, classified government information

becomes harder to conceal and easier to obtain. Hackers continue to attack
networks, cyber crime increases.

The United Nations subsystem, WNC, is implemented.
WNC Winter meeting
2003. 4
A new virus called Hello, WNC infects up to ten million users.
The Japanese Youth who created the Deadly Flash virus is sentenced to death.
At the WNC Spring Meeting, the following bills are passed:
Investigation and Research of New Viruses,
Technical Security Development Aid,

and Strengthening Reinforced Penal Regulations of Net Crime

Emma Weilant dies.
The net poem Epitaph of Twilight is lost before it can be completed.
The Swiss Bank's main computer gets hacked, losing more than

$84 million.

Hacking causes the New York Stock market's prices to hike.
On December 24th, Pluto Kiss shuts down the Internet; all network computers

and communication control systems crash, only to recover 77 minutes later.

A 10-year old elementary school student caused the virus.

America's 44th President, Jim Stonecold, resigns.

ALTIMIT OS becomes The World's most commonly used operating system.

2006 Summer
CyberConnect Corporation (CC Corp.) takes over and becomes the foundation

for The World.
Harald Hoerwick sells Fragment to CC Corp.

The ALTIMIT OS Corporation (head office in San Francisco) establishes 12

overseas affiliation firms

Watarai and Junichiro Tokuoka begin work on the Japanese Version of Fragment,

which later becomes The World.
ALTIMIT OS' Fragment begins its test play.

Fragment becomes the most popular topic among network game users.
WNC announces that all computers switch to ALITIMIT OS.
On December 24th, the United Nations names The Mother Mary's Kiss an

international holiday.
CC Corp. announces the release of Fragment

of the month
Within the beginning of the first hour, The World receives more than 100,000 orders.
End of
the month
CC Corp. denies the rumors of discontinuing The World.
The World's Network Security Declaration, President Alex Coleman, is informed of the start of The World's download sale.
While debugging, Watarai meets with the Vagrant AI (Story#1, 2nd Character)

Watarai investigates the cat PC (Story #2, Wotan's Spear based on .hack//Sign)
The second Internet Crash, Pluto Again, occurs. (Based on the PS2 game)

Watarai leaves CC Corp.
Saki Shibayama takes over as official debugger. (Story #3, Kamui)

Rena Kunisaki purchases The World. (Story #4, Rumor)

.hackers Official Limited Edition Character Exhibition.

(Story #5, Firefly, based on .hack//Legend of the Twilight)

Date Event (Japanese ver.)
2004年 ●エマ・ウィーラント死去。 ネット叙事詩「黄昏の 建文」 未完のまま散。
2005年 ●「PLUTO KISS (冥王の口づけ)」 事件。 第一次 ネットワーク・クライシス発生
2006年 ●ネットワーク規制法によるネットワーク暗黒時代。 ●「ALTIMIT」 OSの普及。
●サイバーコネクト社 (CC社)設立。
●ハロルド・ヒューイック、CC社にネットワーク ゲーム「フラグメント」

の企画を持ち込み、 採用 される。

2007年 ●サイバーコネクト・ジャパン設立。
●会一時、 徳岡純一郎のもとで 「ザ・ワールド」 のテスト版である

「フラグメント」 日本語版の移 携わる。
●「フラグメント」 テスト公開。
●「MOTHER MARY S KISS (聖母の口づけ)」 到来。 ネットワーク平和宣言。
●「ザ・ワールド」 ダウンロード販売開始。

2010年 ●度会一詩、 デバッグ作業中に放浪AIと遭遇。 (>短編1) (前作『.hack//Al buster』)
●度会一詩、 猫PCを調査。 (短編) (アニメ版「.hack//SIGN』)「ザ・ワールド』
●「PLUTO AGAIN (冥王再来)」 事件。 第二次ネ ットワーク・クライシス発生。

『ザ・ワールド」 と 事件との関連が取り沙汰される。 (>PS2ゲーム版)

2011年 ●度会一時、 CC社を退社。
2013年 ●柴山咲、 デバッグ責任者に就任。 (>短編3)
●国崎玲奈、 「ザ・ワールド」 を購入。 (>短編4)
2014年 『.hackers』 公式限定エディションキャラクタ プレゼント開催。 (>短編5)



The gif image for the timeline hosted on appears to have barely-legible unauthorized text from the person who made the image, who appears to be complaining about having to make the image.

Timeline ▶▶▶

Time Line is historically showing the history of .hack and "The World"

Its' fuckin boaring so make this fuckin horizontally long pane.

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