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Web news desktop selection window

The News function on the desktop allows players to read about current events and worldbuilding elements of the setting outside of the desktop and "The World." Sometimes events that happen online impact the offline world as the story unfolds. Whenever new articles become available, the player is able to tell at a glance thanks to the desktop notification.
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Blank web news window

The Web News window features a logo for "wns Web News Service" and a search bar next to the word "Topics." The selected tab says "Current News." There are three icons featuring cubes with "T," an envelope, and "?" and illegible text below each.

Players select from a list of current news topics to read articles. Topics range from World events and local news to tabloid speculation. Each news article is an image stored in the game's data. The minimum display area for news articles is 344 x 239 pixels, according to a dummy image left in the game files. The programmer art reads "1画面分。344*239" (translation: "Screen Resolution Percentage 344 x 239") The 9 has been drawn in by hand while the rest of the text is typed.

Dummy Image for News Article from game files. Text Reads "1画面分。344*239"
Dummy Image (Text: 1画面分。344*239)

Longer news articles require scrolling down the viewport.

English version of news article which requires players to scroll to see full article.

News article headers are displayed in four colors: Blue, Green, Orange, and Purple.

Fictional Advertisements

The Web News window also has banner-style advertisements at the top. There are four different advertisements featuring CyberConnect2's previous titles, Silent Bomber and Tail Concerto, as well as a sequel, Tail Concerto 2, which does not exist outside of this fictional representation.
The four variations of advertisement banners featuring Silent Bomber and Tail Concerto
The first Silent Bomber advertisement features Jutah while the second features art of Jutah and Benoit. The Tail Concerto advert features the character Flare, Stare, and Alicia. The Tail Concerto 2 advert features King Hound III and Waffle.


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