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This page contains transcripts of the E-mail encountered in Infection.


(blub here)

Message Content

Game Start

Registered Yet?

Mailer no picture.png Yasuhiko Registered Yet?

Hey, did you finish registering?
What kind of character are you?
Oh, and like I said at school,
you'll regret it if you use a
smartass name. I'm Orca in "The
World," so keep that in mind.
Don't call me by my real name!
You can be a different person
when you're there... well more
like the guy you want to be.
Anyway, I'll be at Root Town.

Thank You

Cclogo mailer.png CC Corporation Thank You

Thank you for registering. This
is a notification mail to complete
the registration process.

"The World" (the game) is comprised
of several servers. The adventure
begins by inputting codes at the
Chaos Gates in Root Towns, which
are located in each of the servers.
Let me introduce each of the
Servers and Root Towns:

Aqua Capital Mac Anu
(Δ Server Root Town)
Mac Anu means "the son of a
goddess." There are waterways
throughout the town. The sounds and
the scenery will bring you peace.

Highland City Dun Loireag
(θ Server Root Town)
Dun Loireag means "the Weaver
Guardian." It is a city protected
by sprites with buildings made of
rocks coexisting with nature. The
wind will challenge the adventurers
on their quest.

Cultural City Carmina Gadelica
(Λ Server Root Town)
Carmina Gadelica means "the Song of
Gael." It is a metropolis, a fusion
of science and traditional cultural knowledge.

Aerial City Fort Ouph
(Σ Server Root Town)
Fort Ouph means "the Fort of
Elves." It originated as a fort
built in preparation for a war with
Carmina Gadelica, but since the
peace agreement, it has acted
a watch tower for monsters.

Relic City Lia Fail
(Ω Server Root Town)
Lia Fail means "the Stone of
Destiny." This city was a holy
ground of the Tartarga people
before the Great War, but it was
destroyed by the Carmina Gadelica
forces which did not like the idea.

Please choose them at the Chaos
Gate in the Root Town. It is
recommended that you play in
Δ Server while your level is low.

Now let's go on an adventure!

Version Update

Cclogo mailer.png CC Corporation Version Update

The system of "The World" has been
updated to Ver. 2.75. With this
update, the following elements
have been added:

Monster Tolerances:
For a group of monsters, certain
physical/magical attacks will
cause zero damage because of their
defense mechanisms.

Elemental Hit:
Attack with Elemental Skills that
are opposite the monster attribute
and it will result in double (2x) the

Treasure Chest Items:
You may obtain different items
depending on the type of treasure
chests. Many items are now
available from the Gott statue.

For more details, please see the
Version Update Information listed
on the BOARD.