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This page contains transcripts of the BBS threads encountered in Infection

Game Start

System Explanation

What's a skill? (2001/10/20/19:21:45)
Author: Parn

I just started playing this game.
When I talked to the shop keeper he said,
"You can use skills by equipping armor and
weapons," but what's a skill?

RE: What's a skill? (2001/10/20/19:21:45)

Author: Ninja Knife

It's an attack that uses up SPs (Skill Points)
during battle. It can damage enemies, or cure
allies. They don't call it "magic," because they're
not just spells, but moves that are used by a
swordsman as well.

Missing Skills (2001/09/20/05:03:49)
Author: Parn

When I changed weapons I lost a skill.
Is there a connection?

RE: Missing Skills (2001/09/20/05:03:49)
Author: JING

Skills are based on equipment and not characters.
So if you change your equipment, you can't use
that skill anymore. The skill you lost was probably
on your old weapon.
Aside from attack power and defense, you should
keep skills in mind...

Thanks (2001/10/20/19:21:45)
Author: Parn

I didn't know that so I sold my old weapon.
I thought I just leveled up and learned magic...

Can't use skills (2001/09/20/05:03:49)
Author: Parn

There's a skill I have that I can't use.
Why is that? @_@

RE: Can't use skills (2001/09/20/05:03:49)

1. You don't have enough SP.
2. Target isn't in range.
It's probably one or the other.
There's a range with every skill, so if the
target isn't within range, you can't use it.
Magic is long range, but attacks are shorter
so you need to get closer.

Can you cast a spell on all? (2001/19/20/05:03:49)
Author: Parn

Are there any spells you can cast on all your
enemies or allies like the other RPGs?
If you can't, it would seriously suck when you
have to heal your party. X_X

RE: Can you cast a spell on all? (2000/09/16/06:38:01)
Author: Quatro

They don't have these. But skills with Range
and Range Attack are something like that
since they are area effects
If it's an attack spell, it does about half the
damage to the enemy around the target. So if
you use it wisely, it becomes something very
similar. Well kind of...
Healing spells on allies are similar so you can
heal other members around the target.

About Defense (2000/05/29/17:03:58)
Author: Hinata

I bought a more expensive armor, but it got
weaker against enemy magic attacks.
Why is that?

RE: About Defense (2000/11/02/2:18:32)
Author: Korm

Probably Magical Defense on the armor is low.
There's Magical Defense and Physical Defense.
Even if your Physical Defense is high, if your
Magical Defense is low you can't guard against
magic damage.

Defense and Evade (2000/05/29/17:03:58)
Author: Hinata

Thank you Korm!
I wasn't looking at armor parameters...
Also there's Defense and Evade, what's the

RE: Defense and Evade (2000/05/29/17:03:58)
Author: Korm

You should check the parameters of your item.
It's probably the first thing you should do.
As for Defense and Evade: Defense lessens the
damage you receive and Evade is the frequency
you get hit.

Do you know tolerance? (2001/10/20/19:21:45)
Author: Korm

You do know that Suvi Lei and Miu Lei (paralysis
and charm) can't be avoided even if you increase
magic evasion, right? If you increase the Spirit
status for curse, sleep, confusion, and charm and
then increase Body status for poison, paralysis,
and slow down, it won't decrease damage, but it
will decrease the frequency you are affected by
those spells.

Elements (2001/09/20/05:03:49)
Author: Baan

There are things like Fire Element in skills.
Do Elements make a difference?

RE: Elements (2001/09/20/05:03:49)
Author: JING

There are 6 Elements for skills, items, and

For monsters, there is an icon to the left of
its name. There are similar icons in your status

Elements have Opposing Elements, so enemies
with Fire Elements are strong against attacks with
Fire Elements, but weak against attacks with Water
Elements. It's pretty simple.

Opposing Elements (2000/03/03/00:25:41)
Author: Baan

So if you cast Vak Don on a Magical Goblin it
doesn't do as much damage as another spell.

Which Elements oppose one another?
I know fire and water...

Can someone tell me?

RE: Opposing Elements (2000/03/03/00:25:41)
Author: JING

The following are the Opposing Elements:
(BTW the reasoning is just something I came up
with, but I think I'm pretty close.)

Wood (draws nutrient) <-> <Earth (decompose trees)
Thunder (lights up) <-> Darkness (covers light)

Fire (boils water) <-> Water (extinguish)

Armor (2001/09/20/05:03:49)
Author: Baan

I got Plate Armor, but I can't equip it.
Can Long Arms equip Plate Armor?
It would bite if they can't...

RE: Armor (yyyy/mm/dd:hh:mm:ss)
Author: Ninja Knife

Sorry, but you're right. Wavemasters can only equip
the lightest armor. Twin Blades and Long Arms can't
equip heavy armor. Other guys can equip whatever
they want.
You should probably check the Armor Status for
that. It all depends on your job class, so you
better know which ones you can equip.

Play Knowledge

They're too strong! (2000/09/16/06:38:01)
Author: MadMax

The enemies are strong in every single area I've
been in!

Check the Board (2000/11/02/23:18:32)
Author: Korm

If you put in the keywords randomly, you usually
don't get to the area that's right for you. You
should probably check the Board more. Other
players will post low level area keywords.

Hey (2001/09/20/05:03:49)
Author: Kojiro

Are you forming parties when you go out?
The difficulty level varies if you've got friends
or go solo. If you've got no friends... well I
can't really help you there.

BTW (2000/09/16/06:38:01)
Author: Quatro

You need member addresses of other players
to form parties.

A member address is like a business card. You
can call up other players in other towns and
areas by mail. Just open the menu in a Root
Town and select the player you want.

If you want to collect member addresses all
you need to do is make friends.

Zeit Statue

Aim for Hero of Zeit! (2001/10/20/19:21:45)
Author: Admin of Time

Does everyone know about the Zeit Statue?

The Zeit Statue at the bottom of the dungeon
is searching for an adventurer to give a title
of honor as the "Hero of Zeit."

Only way to get the title is to get the
Zeit Statue as fast as you can!

Those who want the praise of the Zeit Statue
select Chronicling as your part A at the Chaos Gate.

First look for an area close to
the entrance and that doesn't have that many
floors. The Hero of Zeit must also be versed in
looking for an advantageous area.

Hero of Zeit Ranking (2000/03/03/00:25:41)
Author: Admin of Time

Current Hero of Zeit is as follows:

First Place
Title:   Master Supreme
Time:   00:02:12
Player: Balmung

Second Place
Title:   Hyper Falcon
Time:   00:02:26
Player: Orca

Third Place
Title:   Sonic Hawk
Time: 00:02:54
Player: Sieg

Fourth Place
Title:   Mach Wolf
Time:   00:03:38
Player: Highlander

Fifth Place
Title:   Furious Tiger
Time:   00:04:45
Player: NOG

New Transportation System

What about this RTCS? (2001/09/20/05:03:49)
Author: Nogella

You know the new transport system called
RTCS that start tomorrow? I really want
to know if traffic jams will be a thing
of the past. The other day it took me 2
hours to get back to the city from Odaiba!

RE: What about this RTCS? (2000/09/16/06:38:01)
Author: jell-o

No matter what kind of a system, they
need to reduce the number of cars.
I mean there're too many idiots on the
road! Just get rid of 'em!!

"The World" Reaches 20 Million

Congratulations! (2000/09/16/06:38:01)
Author: NoNo

"The World" has sold over 20 million copies
worldwide! The first time I experienced "The
World" was 2 years ago. I still remember how
I felt when I first entered the dungeon. I
wonder what happened to all those people
who helped me out in the beginning.

Neuro Goggle FMD

Impressions (2000/11/02/23:18:32)
Author: Caer

Has anyone used the new goggles they
just came out with? I'm pondering
about buying one, but... Someone please
tell me what you think...

Keyword Creation

Don't quite understand (2000/09/16/06:38:01)
Author: Hinata

I got some keywords during play and tried
them, but they don't seem to work.

I think the parameters on the Chaos Gate
menu are way too strong...

Can someone teach me a good way to combine

Thank you!

RE: Don't quite understand (2001/09/20/05:03:49)
Author: Korm

You really shouldn't worry about the area's
parameters in the beginning.

Beginners should only be concerned with the
level of the area.

This is the parameter that sets the
difficulty of that level, and the higher it
is, the more powerful the monsters are
(and the better the items).

If you combine words randomly, you might get
a really strong enemy and die instantly.

When your level is low, you should use words
with low difficulty.

Here's a sample word for beginners:
Part A: Bursting         Difficulty: 1
Use this and create a key word.

They're too strong!!! (2000/09/16/06:38:01)
Author: Hinata

I used the word Bursting in part A like
Korm said, but the enemies were too
strong and it was game over for me!!!!


RE: 'They're too strong!!! (2001/09/20/05:03:49)
Author: Korm

There was probably a word aside from
Bursting that set the area level.

Were there more than 2 jewels in the
area levels in the parameter list?

In cases like that, the word with
the higher priority takes precendence.
(One in red has higher priority).

So maybe a word aside from Bursing
was used to set the area level...

Sorry, I didn't tell you before...

It worked!! (2000/05/29/17:03:58)
Author: Hinata

Thank you, Korm!

I see, so more than one word can set
a particular parameter.

But there are parameters that you can't
set with any of the words...

What about those?

What's a Grunty?

What's a Grunty? (2000/03/03/00:25:41)
Author: Crest

I found this item called Root Vegetable in
the field. It was jumping up and down...
I thought it was amonster at first, but
when I looked at the Key Item list, it
said, "Food for Grunty."

So what is this Grunty? Something alive?

Can someone please tell me?

RE:What's a Grunty? (2001/09/20/05:03:49)
Author: JING

Heh, heh.
I didn't know at first too.

Crest, you're probably in Δ server, right?
Well, there aren't any Grunties in that one.

Grunties are living in θ server's ranch,
and kinda look like a mix between a pig and
a cow or something like that...

"Food for Grunty" is an item that you can
feed them. They don't exist in Δ server,
but if you find any of the food items you
should keep them. They'll come in handy
once you get to the θ server.

PIG?! (2000/09/16/06:38:01)
Author: Crest

A pig... Okaaaaaaaaaay...

Well, I'll try to get as many as I can...

RE:PIG?! (2000/03/03/00:25:41)
Author: JING

You should collect as many as you can.

You can find "Food for Grunty" not only
in the fields, but also in the dungeons so
you should keep your eyes open for 'em.

When you get near it, it goes Boing-Boing,
so you can probably tell.

Spring of Myst

Level went down (2000/03/03/00:25:41)
Author: WING

I've thrown in weapons into the Spring of Myst
that are in the fields, but there are times
when the level of the weapon increases or

Is there a reason?

RE: Level went down (2001/09/20/05:03:49)
Author: Baan

I'm not certain, but weather seems to play
a role in whether or not a weapon or an
armor gets stronger or weaker.

When I put a weapon in the grasslands when
it was sunny, it got strong, but when
it was raining, it got weaker.

I haven't tried armor, so I don't know.

At Night (2001/09/20/05:03:49)
Author: 01

I'm pretty sure weather is involved.
Though I don't think it really matters
what kind of field you're in.
When I tried it at night, both weapons
and armor got strong.

What if it's cloudy? (2000/11/02/23:18:32)
Author: Korm

When it was cloudy, my armor got weaker.
But when there was thunder and rain, my
armor got stronger.
By the way, aren't Grandpa and Monsieur
totally annoying?!

I hate Monsieur (2000/11/02/23:18:32)
Author: Quatro

Yeah it does get annoying. Both the
voice and the face.
Well my armor got strong, so I won't

Golden Axe (2000/05/29/17:03:58)
Author: Baan

BTW, is anyone collecting the Golden Axe?
This weapon isn't that strong, right?

RE: Golden Axe (2000/11/02/23:18:32)
Author: 01

People do collect it.
Someone named Tim wanted to trade for
it the other day. And apparently, there
are a couple more like him, too.

RE: Golden Axe (2001/09/20/05:03:49)
Author: JING

Aren't most of the people who collect the
Golden and the Silver Axe at high levels?
I was asked by Micino for a trade, but I
didn't have it.
But if I did, it seems like he would've traded
some pretty good items. I think I missed out
on a good opportunity there.

RE: Golden Axe (2001/09/20/05:03:49)
Author: Baan

You only have to throw in unwanted weapons
and armor to get Gold & Silver Axe.
I envy those high level players.
They've got tons of stuff they don't need.

Item Trade

Straw Millionaire!¤[1] (2000/09/16/06:38:01)
Author: Quatro

Starting with "Cat's Blades" and after trading
several times, I got the legendary "Megiddo Wand!"

I never thought I would get something this good!

RE: Straw Millionaire! (2000/09/16/06:38:01)
Author: Crest

I want to trade well and get a good item too.
If you have any good tips, please tell me.

RE: Straw Millionaire! (2001/10/20/19:21:45)
Author: Quatro

It's not really a tip, but for example, to a
Twin Blade, the wand for Wavemaster is not a
very important item, right? But even though
it's not important to you, it might be to
the other party.

So you just have to keep an eye on what the
other guy wants and offer that item.

Oh and you can only trade 3 types of items
and up to 99 of each<.

Good luck on trading!


What does a symbol do? (2000/09/16/06:38:01)
Author: Hinata

What does a Symbol do?
You know the green things called #YSymbol#W by a
Is there some meaning for them?
It explodes when you touch it so I thought it
was a trap of some kind...

RE: What does a symbol do? (2000/11/02/23:18:32)
Author: 01

If you touch them, they have a special effect on
you, like healing, increasing your strength, etc.
Effects are random so you don't know what you
might get.

Things on fire in the field are the same.

When you find one, just use it.

Version Upgrade Information: Important

Welcome to Ver. 2.75 (2000/11/02/23:18:32)
Author: CC Corporation

Several new elements were added to version 2.75.
We will now explain each element in detail.

Element Tolerance (2000/11/02/23:18:32)
Author: CC Corporation

Element Tolerance is a monster specific
tolerance where a monster receives zero
damage from Element Skills.

It is tolerant to a specific element such as
"Fire." For example, if you cast Vak Don to
a Fire Element Tolerant monster, it will do no
damage. Use a non-element attack (such as
basic attacks) or other Element Skills.

If a monster has a tolerance, it will be
displayed on the right side of its name.

Physical Tolerance (2000/11/02/23:18:32)
Author: CC Corporation

Physical Tolerance is a monster specific
tolerance that allows them to remain undamaged
from a Physical Skill.

If an enemy with physical tolerance is
encountered inside the dungeon and there is no
one in the party with Magic Skills, then that
enemy cannot be defeated. Always have someone
in your party that has Magic Skills.

It is also advised to equip armor with Magic
Skills and scrolls on reserve (Don't forget that
warrior type characters can equip Wavemaster's

If a monster has a tolerance, it will be displayed
on the right side of its name.

Magic Toelrance (2000/11/02/23:18:32)
Author: CC Corporation

Magic Tolerance is a monster specific
tolerance that allows them to remain
undamaged from a Magical Skill.

If an enemy with magic tolerance is
encountered inside the dungeon, virtually
all attacks by a Wavemaster will have no
effect. If there is a Wavemaster in your
party, place him or her on standby and
concentrate on recovering party members.

If a monster has a tolerance, it will be
displayed on the right side of its name.

Cancelling Tolerance (2000/11/02/23:18:32)
Author: CC Corporation

All of the tolerance explained above can be
cancelled by decreasing the status parameter
with Magic Skills and items.

For example:

Cancelling Earth Element Tolerance:
Decrease the monster's Earth Element status
by using Dek Ganz or Stonebane.

Cancelling Water Element Tolerance:
Decrease the monster's Water Element status
by using Dek Reum or Waterbane.

Cancelling Fire Element Tolerance:
Decrease the monster's Fire Element status
by using Dek Vakz or Firebane.

Cancelling Wood Element Tolerance:
Decrease the monster's Wood Element status
by using Dek Juka or Treebane.

Cancelling Thunder Element Tolerance:
Decrease the monster's Thunder Element status
by using Dek Raio or Lightbane.

Cancelling Darkness Element Tolerance:
Decrease the monster's Darkness Element status
by using Dek Anid or Nightbane.

Cancelling Physical Tolerance:
Decrease the monster's Defense status
by using Dek Vorv or Knight's Bane.

Cancelling Magic Tolerance:
Decrease the monster's Magic Defense status
by using Dek Corma or Beast's Bane.

Elemental Hit (2000/11/02/23:18:32)
Author: CC Corporation

Elemental Hit is an attack to a monster with an
Element Skill that is opposite its attribute.
At a set probability, damage inflicted is twice
the normal amount.
(ELMENTAL HIT will be displayed).

Analyze a monster's attribute and consciously aim
for Elemental Hits to gain advantage in battle.

Armor can be changed during battle, so we advise
having armor with different element attributes
on reserve to use Element Skills effectively.

The element relationship is as follows:
Wood <- OPPOSITE -> Earth
Thunder <- OPPOSITE -> Darkness
Water <- OPPOSITE -> Fire

For example, if a Water Element Skill is used on a
monster with a Fire Element attribute, Elemental
Hit will occur. And conversely, if a Fire Element
Skill is used on a monster with a Water Element
attribute, Elemental Hit will occur.

Players cannot receive Elemental Hits.

Items in Treasures (2000/11/02/23:18:32)
Author: CC Corporation

Based on feedback from the users, we've
upgraded the items in treasure boxes.

Also, different types of items can be
obtained from stationary objects such as
jars, caskets, and other breakable objects.

Items can be obtained from the following:

Breakable Objects:
HP recovery, cure, and items with element
attribute increases. The area element is
related to the element attribute items.
(There are exceptions).

Treasure Boxes:
Mostly magic scrolls. Scrolls relating to
elements are related to the area element
attribute. (There are exceptions).

Risky Treasure Boxes:
Armor, weapons and occasionally, SP
recovery items.

Gott Statue:
Valuable weapons and armor. A total of
three items can be obtained.

After Kite and Orca are attacked



After Meeting BlackRose

Let's Play Tag

Challenge Gob!

After Encountering Elk and Mia


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¤ The title of the thread "Straw Millionaire" is a reference to the Japanese folk tale of the same name.
Magical Goblins have Fire Tolerance, so they cannot take any damage from fire spells like Vak Don, let alone reduced damage.