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This page details characters met in Infection. This page is primarily for story and plot information. Characters are listed by their in-fiction status as Player Characters or Non-Player Characters, as well as by the prominence of their roles. For characters with extensive bios, clicking their profile image or name will lead to their in-depth page. For characters who are also fought as enemies, a link to their enemy data will be provided.

Primary Characters

Character Name: Kite
Character image:
Gender Male
Class Twin Blade

Mandatory Party Members

Party Members
Character Name: Orca
Character image:
Gender Male Female Male
Class Blademaster Heavy Blade Heavy Axeman
Character Name: Mistral
Character image:
Gender Female Female Male
Class Wavemaster Blademaster Wavemaster

Optional Party Members

Optional Party Members
Character Name: Natsume
Character image:
Gender Female Male Female
Class Twin Blade Heavy Blade Long Arm

Other Major Characters

Player Characters

Player Characters
Character Name: Balmung
Character image:
Gender Male Female
Class Blademaster Wavemaster

AI characters

Character Name: Aura
Character image:
Gender Female
Class N/A


Secondary Characters

Player Characters

In The World, you may come across other player characters in towns or the fields. They are meant to emulate other people playing The World alongside you. Whenever you log into The World, it refreshes the pool of characters you will encounter in town. You can trade with them or make small talk. Occasionally what they have to say will change after progressing through the story of Infection.<ref>Character quotes provided by Lindz's Archive and verified by MysteryCorgi</ref The "mid-game" point is after Theta Cursed Despaired Paradise. The "game clear" point is met once you have the data flag to carry over your save file to Mutation.

For info on trading with characters: Infection Trading

Player Characters
Character Name: Wing
Character image: Wing Macky NOVA
Gender Male Male Male
Class Blademaster Wavemaster Heavy Blade
Quotes from Game Start
 Oh, ah... Hello...   
People pick on me 'cuz I can be a little clumsy.
Hel... hello... I'm not used to this...
This is all new to me.
Um... I really don't like to talk much. There's nothing to talk about.
 Hi! What level are you?   
It's hard to level up... Or is it just me?
I'm trying to work out more and stay healthy. I'm drinking protein right now, but it's so gross. Know of any way to make it go down easier?
Anyway, listen. I always chicken out at the most crucial moments. What's wrong with me?
What? You wanna hear about my workout sessions? Later, OK?
 Hey, hangin' in there?   
You're a newbie right? I can tell by the way you move.
Hey, do you watch a lot of anime? I only watch it once in a while. Did you watch "Supernova" this week? It's awesome! Is Kaneto Shiozame the captain's voice?
I'm gonna learn more English since I'm gonna be talking to foreigners online.
Hey can you check out my English accent? Dis is a pain. How's that sound? OK?
Quotes after mid-game
 Didn't you ever have to stay after school when you didn't finish your lunch? I hated carrot, so I snuck 'em into my backpack when the teacher wasn't looking. Heh heh.   
I didn't know how to use the Chaos Gate when I started. But this guy Orca showed me how... want to thank him sometime...
I didn't know how to equip, so I asked Cima how, and I was told to pack up and leave "The World." Online games have both cool people and rude people...
 I tried to boost my confidence by being in a play, but I was so nervous I totally forgot my lines.   
This guy called Orca got me out of a bad situation once...
I'm trying to work out more and stay healthy. I once went on this vigorous workout regimen and was hospitalized.
 Hey, do you watch a lot of anime? I only watch it once in a while. Did you watch "Magical Miss Nova"? I just love how she says, "Bippity bop" when she casts spells.   
My English is getting better. Listen! Am I a flower? Yes. I am. See? Perfect.
Quotes after Game Clear
 Cima...?! What? I'd never give her the time of day! Haha.   
The server suddenly crashed, and I just lost it! But it was cool 'cuz no one can see you freak out.
I was surprised when the server went down. I didn't know that could happen.
 The server went down and all my hours of leveling up went down as well...   
I'm trying to work out more and stay healthy. I'm starting to become all muscle, but I heard that muscle made from protein is all fake muscle.
If I can't level up in the game, Then I'll level up in real life by working out...
 Remember the latest server crash? Just don't hit the reset button and stay calm.   
Hey, do you watch a lot of anime? I only watch it once in a while. I was watching "Novamon" when the server crashed, so I was OK.
I think it's better if I study abroad.
Other appearances: .hack//GU - Another Birth

Character Name: Sachiko
Character image: Sachiko Neja Heavy
Gender Female Male Female
Class Wavemaster Twin Blade Wavemaster
Quotes from Game Start
 Wish I could get good items...   
...? Hey! There's something on your shoulder! What? No, I haven't seen any kind of powerful warrior ghosts!
I never have any luck... Seems to be the same with areas...
Something eerie happened to me today. 50 black cats appeared before me and just stared at me. What do you think?
When you hear about unfortunate incidents, doesn't it make you feel you're lucky to be here?
 Yo yo! Are ya havin' fun?   
This game rocks! The story and design is the bomb!
Say hi to Piros for me.
This game is soooo awesome!! What? No, I'm not one of the programmers. =-)
Hey! You're not the sorceress! I was fooled by your red color. Sorry, but I'll be on my way now.
......... ......... ... Sorry... slow connection...
......... ......... Hey, this is supposed to be broadband...
......... ......... Can... I help... you? Sorry... it's about... to... crash... again...' to...slow...down ag....ain....
Quotes after mid-game
 I think I'm one of those girls that are forever cursed or something... you know? Yeah, that's it. I wonder what's gonna happen next?   
You know what? Just between you and me... I see... ghosts... There's a girl with a white face behind you...!!!
The only rare item that I have... I got it from Orca... Wonder what he's doing these days...
 I went on a journey with this girl last time and it felt so real, man. It's like destiny that we met.   
I got this weird rash last week. I went to the doctor's and it was an insect bite. Careful where you go, man.
The random area selector is totally awesome! It's such a thrill!
 ......... ......... What... does... PING... 3000 mean...?   
......... ......... ...My connection... is so slow... ...Don't... talk to me... ...too... much...
......... ......... Um... wait... Can... you see... me? This is... so... slow...
Quotes after Game Clear
 I lost the rare item when the server crashed... How unlucky can I get...   
I hope the server didn't crash because of my bad luck...?! Hey, why are you looking away!?
Just between you and me... I see... ghosts...
 I'm so screwed. My homework's piling up but I'd rather play "The World"...   
The server crashed? Don't matter to me. That's just fine!!
It's exciting because of the fact that the server crashes. Don't you get it, man?!
 ......... ......... Do I... look... like I'm... walking... normally...? It looks like... I'm... warping...   
......... ......... ...the server crashed...? Happens to me... every day... ...hahahahaha... =(
......... ......... Uh... sorry... It froze.... so I had... to... reboot...
Other appearances: - .hack//GU -

Character Name: Benkei
Character image: Benkei Hayate Task
Gender Male Female Male
Class Heavy Axeman Twin Blade Long Arm
Quotes from Game Start
 Morning! What's up?   
Heavy Axemen are so slow! I should have been a Twin Blade.
Come to think of it, Benkei used a spear, not an ax... I'm gonna redo my character.
Are you gonna give me that item? I'm Benkei; you know I collect weapons, right?
Hey! I just got an email from Ushiwaka. Gotta go.
Good evening. How are you?   
Hey wait a sec! I've never seen that weapon before! Oh... wait. I have it... don't you wish you had something more powerful?
Aren't Twin Blades weak? I should have picked Heavy Blade.
Roaring Twin Blade... Hayate Beam! Now you must deal with me, the beautiful warrior princess, Hayate! Oh...! How long have you been standing there?! ..? Do I hear a cry for help?! The beautiful Twin Blade Hayate is on her way. Just you wait!
That's so intense! For me, that's like a 100 HIT combo.
I dunno about the next prez. Seems like he knows what's up, but I doubt he can fix the GD0 prob.
Ain't it different with W3 at full blast? I thought even the patch wouldn't fix it. CC does a pretty good job though.
You like gossip, don'cha? Well, just hold on 'cuz I'm gonna get some really juicy info in a bit.
Quotes after mid-game
 I have a friend named Ushiwaka and He is just SO cool. Wish I could be like him.   
Lots of people give me items, but they're all useless.
 Hey wait a sec! I've never seen that weapon before! Where did you get it? I want one too. Hahaha.   
Aren't Twin Blades weak? Should have picked Heavy Blade.
I wanna make an impact when I make an appearance... But I gotta level up before I try anything stupid... Otherwise, it'll be embarrassing.
 The head of Jyoto Elec. was mugged again. Well, what retard carries around $1 millon in his wallet?!   
The Sigma guy who was against the two, Azure Sky and Sea... I heard he be all worked up. Well it's just a rumor.
Did you read Game Weekly? That sucks! That's why I hate the BQ Gen. That's what happens when you keep shooting beams at people.
Quotes after Game Clear
I got a great one from a treasure box, but I had to leave it in storage 'cuz I couldn't carry anymore.   
Attacks are useless against ghosts. I should've got some magic...
When I talked to Hayate, he said that the Heavy Axeman's cool. Yeah, he's got power, but...
 Magic skills never work too well on Golems... I should've beefed up on attack skills.   
When I was talking to Benkei, we were both envious of each other's job class...
Hey! Did you get a new weapon? How did you get so many weapons in such a short time?!
 Madame Cobalt doesn't look 95 at all! I guess all that surgery paid off...   
That thing from before... I heard a couple of guys on the maintenance crew got popped.
So what else is going on? Are you starting to rake in the dough?! Yeah, I bet you are.
Other appearances: - - -

Character Name: Hinata
Character image: Hinata A-Kichi Cleama
Gender Female Male Female
Class Blademaster Wavemaster Long Arm
Quotes from Game Start
 How are you doing?   
There are so many fights going on within my group. I wish we could all get along.
I just started this game and finally I'm getting the hang of it.
Hope I make a hundred friends.
I turn my back for a sec to chat, and my mailbox is full. Hold on, let me sort everything out.
Even though it's only a game, this is so cool. I'm loving every minute of it.
The cool ones are awesome to watch.
Your character is pretty cool!
I hope the cops don't overhear our conversation. Well, I'm outta here. Later.
 Y'know what?   
There are some really annoying people out there. What is up with Yuckey?! She totally bugs.
There's this teacher at school we all hate. Let's see how he feels when someone throws an eraser at him.
The items in this town are pretty lousy.
What? What do you want? Stop following me around. I'm busy.
Quotes after mid-game
 Weren't you walking with Orca the other day? That's quite impressive, to know such a celebrity.   
Um... if you know Orca, you must also know Balmung? Um... do you think you can introduce me to them?
I think my cousin hates me. Pretty sad, huh? But I'm going to pull through this. I'm not giving up.
 I've seen there 2 really cool players. I think they were called "Descendants of Fianna"... I'd like to see them again.   
I'm so glad there's the voice recognition feature now. I hated using the stupid keyboard.
We train by killing. That's the code of conduct in this world...
 There's this other dude who talks like a yakuza. Bet he's a paperboy or somethin'.   
This girl asked me out. But she's a butter face... Hope I don't run into her.
Quotes after Game Clear
 My goal is to have 100 friends! I'm at 38 now, so I have 62 left to go!    
I found out later that the server crashed. I was on the phone at the time, so that saved me. I owe my friend one!
Were you all right when the game crashed? What else is there in "The World?"
Something must've happened.
Wonder if there's anything else I can make money off of...
 What else is there in "The World?"    
Something must've happened.
Wonder if there's anything else I can make money off of...
 Hey, I bet it's his fault that the server crashed. It's too weird...    
So what's happening tonight?
"The World's" servers are always crashing.
Other appearances: - - -

Character Name: Grid
Character image: Grid Quess Nekoski
Gender Male Female Male
Class Long Arm Wavemaster Heavy Axeman
Quotes from Game Start
 I'm so bored.   
Lalalala. What was that song?! It goes, "lalalala..." It's been looping in my head forever. But I can't remember the name of the song.
...and tired... I need sleep...
Hey! That radio show's on tonight! You know that show, "Talk ON"? It's soooo hilarious. Talk ON!! Right on!
Phew... I'm tired now, so I'm taking off. Bye.
 This kinda bugs me...   
Why am I not leveling up? I've fought so many enemies.
Lotta ships passed by on this river, but now you don't see any. What happened?
There's always people here... What do they all do for a living...?
So many questions in life... Why, why, why? That's the infinite question.
 Cats are so cute!   
I just love their paws...
He-ow! That's my new greeting. What do you think? It's half human and half cat. Pretty cool, huh?
Let me introduce my cats. Maine, a Maine Coon and Blue, a Blue Russian. Creative names, eh?
Meow! Oh wait, my cats are calling me. I gotta go.
Quotes after mid-game
 Speaking of radio, they read my fan mail over the air last weekend. It was awesome, man! Talk ON! Yeah!   
Lalalala... you know, THAT song?! You know what I'm taking about? That's the only part I can remember.
 I started this at 8AM and when I looked at the clock, it was 8AM again... That's scary...   
Hey, do ya think that Balmung's sleeves were modeled after Elvis?
Orca of Azure Sea.. I haven't seen him in a while... I wonder why?
 Cats sound like babies when they cry at night. Kinda creepy! But also cute at the same time...   
Cats sitting out in the sun always look so content.
All the cat lovers out there will probably use it. It'll spread like wildfire. Do you think it'll be popular?
Quotes after Game Clear
 I'm getting kinda hungry. I think I'll head out...   
Oh no! It's almost time for it to start! I'm off. See ya. Keep it ON forever, man!
Lalalala... Oh! Now I remember!! You know, it's the theme song of that one show... what was it called???
 It hasn't been that long since the server crashed... but there's still so many people...    
The day the server crashed, my relationship also crashed.
Hey, do Grunties eat Grunty veggies raw? Oh man...?!
 I bought the best cat toys! Made from 100% cat hair. I just love cats.    
I wanna be more cat-like and cute. Can guys wear those cat ears? Have you seen any guys wearing 'em?
My cat stays up with me when I drink. I know it's for food, but it's kinda nice.
Other appearances: - - -

Character Name: Gyokuro
Character image: Gyokuro Osugi Acerola
Gender Male Male Female
Class Wavemaster Twin Blade or Blademaster Long Arm
Quotes from Game Start
 Hiya! You wanna trade?   
Back when I worked in the office, dinner was a pain, but now that I work at home... ...lunch is also a pain...
I really shouldn't be doing this. I have a deadline to meet. But I just can't help it.. This is so addicting...
Hey, what're you having for dinner? Let's see, I had fried rice yesterday and curry today... Hey, wait a sec! How about curry fried rice?! Call me Chef Gyokuro from now on.
...What? Nothing?! I thought I wrote the whole script! It must've been a dream! This is definitely not good. I'd better get started right away. Catch you later.
 Good Morning! Or is it good afternoon?   
During summer, I long for the biting chill of winter. And in winter, I miss the glaring hot summer sun... Am I selfish...?
I swear I had loads of cash in here, but there's barely anything in my wallet now... Don't you ever dream of episodes like that?
Sometimes I take a nap and end up sleeping the entire day.
I shouldn't be talking about this... it's really embarrassing. It's only going to get worse.
 Hello! Have you gotten used to the game?   
Random keywords are convenient, but if you're not careful you can end up in a high level area. It might be best to use words that can controls levels in the beginning.
Do you have any pets? I have a cat and she's adorable!! ...Oh no! I forgot to feed her!!! Bye!!
I've been pulling all nighters playing this game. I'm running on pure adrenaline now.
Um... I gotta go to the bathroom. I'll talk to you later.
Quotes after mid-game
 If only I had a girlfriend I wouldn't have to worry about eating out alone... Then we could feed each other as well... It's so lonely eating by myself...   
I work at home, but they started construction so I can't get anything done during the day... So, I decided to work at night. When am I supposed to sleep?
I heard people are dishing out real money for rare items. CC bans that kind of action... but oh well... I don't want it that bad... I can barely make my rent as is... I hope I can pay my bills this month...
 Yeah, like when you're looking for something only to find it in you own hand.   
I went shopping yesterday, but I was wearing my shoes on the wrong feet.
I eat ice cream next to the heater in the winter... And eat hot stew by the AC in the summer... Is that wrong?
 Do you have any pets? I have a cat. I was talking to Meowman about cats the other day. You think I'm bad?! Try talking to him!   
I'm trying to break the record. 48 hours non-stop! I don't know much longer I can go, though.
Quotes after Game Clear
 Well, I'd better get back to work. ... OK, just one more level...    
Oh yeah, I poured curry over some fried rice and it was great. It'll revolutionize menus from now on. I should've studied cooking. Think it's too late to become a chef?
I got a damn cold sore.
 Listen to this; I'm such a romantic... I look up at the summer sky filled... ...with fireworks and stop in my tracks to touch the snowflakes that whirl in the winter sky...   
I went out to eat and couldn't decide what to order, and then forgot what I ordered...
Sometimes, I forget to have breakfast, but I think I'll make it up at lunch and end up not eating anything at all.
 It was hard for me when I played all night too... but "The World" is so much fun!   
I sometimes see something weird in the sky... Do you know what it is?
The server crash was OK, but I had to reset everything and start all over... Oh well...
Other appearances: - - -

Character Name: Borscht
Character image: Borscht M-78 Yuckey
Gender Male Male Male
Class Blademaster Blademaster Wavemaster
Quotes from Game Start
 Hey, what's up?   
I've started rapping. It's a great way to unwind. Check, check it out.
I lived in Russia for a year. I can speak a little Russian, so I'll teach you sometime.
It's good to stock up on scrolls in the beginning since you don't have that many skills.
I'm having trouble writing my new song. I can't make it rhyme right. I'm going to sit on it for a while.
 Heh heh heh.   
Hey, isn't that Balmung?! You looked! Haha, what a nerd.
I heard that if you wander around here it raises your defense, heh heh heh.
The Mac Anu bridge is pretty old so there's a chance you might fall through. Careful when you cross...
Heh heh. Now how should I take advantage of them next time? Hey! Don't eavesdrop! I'm still working on it!
 Hey, hey, hey, how're you doing?   
Heyheyheyheyheyheyheyhey Heyheyheyheyheyheyheyhey Heyheyheyheyheyheyheyhey So, how many times did I say, "hey"?
Hey, hey, hey, which do you like better, curry or ramen?
Hey hey hey hey! Do you prefer bread or rice?
Hey, hey, hey, hey. You're buggin' me. Do you have to talk to me now?
Quotes after mid-game
 Saving often at the Recorder is common sense. Oh $hit! I have homework!   
But I'm a beginner so they won't let me scratch or do the turntables. WHAT?! Rappers and DJs are different?!
Here's a Russian word for the day. Vodka. How's that? Doesn't get any more Russian than that.
 I heard that if you wander around here, it raises your attack power, heh heh heh.   
There's so many guys who lie to you. Newbies get tricked a lot. Hey, you should be careful too, you know.
Hey, I saw 10,000GPs on the ground in back of an alley. Really, check it out!
 Hey hey hey hey! Isn't there an annoying guy that keeps asking you stuff?   
Hey hey hey hey! Do you like me or hate me?
Hey, hey, hey, have you seen a weird object in the sky?
Quotes after Game Clear
 I became friends with this guy Kikurin the other day, and it turns out he WAS my friend! Isn't that funny?   
I was just rappin' since da server was down. Da name's Borscht, drop me a line.
Here's a Russian word for the day. Gorbachev. How's that? Sounds totally Russian.
 Hey, this is what I heard, but "The World" is gonna shut down later this month.   
I heard that if you wander around here, it raises your max HP, heh heh heh.
Hey, did you know that if your party dies on the field, you have to take home the dirt on the field?
 Hey hey hey hey! Am I bothering you?   
Hey hey hey hey! Or yo yo yo yo! Which do you prefer?
Hey, hey, hey, I heard a strange sound. Do you know anything about it?
Other appearances: .hack//GU - -

Character Name: Nijukata
Character image: Nijukata Hirami Henako
Gender Male Female Female
Class Heavy Blade Blademaster Wavemaster
Quotes from Game Start
 Um... Have we met?   
Killing weak enemies doesn't do much to your EXP.
Sorry! I'm so forgetful these days. I'll remember; wait a sec. Wait, have we met in real life?
My neck starts to hurt after playing the game too much. My mom tells me to quit. But that just ain't gonna happen.
Um... who're you again? Your name's on the tip of my tongue. Oh well, I'll remember next time.
 Yo, wanna know something?   
If you wanna save money, you gotta sell off your items.
Hirami says be careful of weird players on the field... Be aware of your surroundings.
The number of items you can carry is limited, so you should store them at the Elf's Haven.
So, do you like the Hirami Insider? I'll have more the next time we meet up. How's that?
 Oh yeah! Come on! Right on!   
Lalalalalala Lalalalalala Lalalalalala
You're a fine gentleman. You got hormones on? You're making me hot!
I am Henako, the goddess of love!
Henako is tired... Henako has no more energy. Time for Henako to sleep. Good night, says Henako.
Quotes after mid-game
 Hey, you're Yoshida, right? I'm always like this. Don't take it personally, OK? Sorry about leaving you last time. ...Say something.   
Wait a minute! Oh no, my back!! My back went out again! Man, this sucks...
You should check the Board often.
 Hirami thinks the PC named Wing is very weird. Hirami's advice? Stay away! FAR away. I was also talking to Cima... This one was in a trance. Talk about 2 weirdos...!   
If you change your equipment, your skills change as well. You should pay attention to skills and not parameters, when choosing new equipment.
I heard there's a rare item called, "Hyakkidouran." What language is that? It's so cool.
 You! Identify yourself in 16 characters or less.   
I'm like, getting this strong aura from you.
Let me place the Henako love beam upon those that are walking up that path. See? Feel the love now?
Quotes after Game Clear
 My back is just killing me these days. I hope I'm not sick or anything... I'd better be careful and take it easy...   
You should be friendly to other players you want to form a party with.
Hmmm... it may not be good to have too many friends... I can't remember who's who....
 According to Hirami's investigation, poison waves were extracted from Henako! Go figure.   
I heard there's magic to summon a giant goblin.
The Japanese version of "The World" is still Version 2.01. I guess patches for different countries take a while.
 Like, I pay attention to those strange vibes, but you. You got something else.   
Touch me and you'll be singed. I'm hot, hot, hot! I AM Henako Bomb 2002! Heeey!! Are you OK? Who would do such a thing?
I'm so happy now!! Please meet Henako dad! "So you're the boyfriend". Daddy, is it OK if we get married tonight? "OK." Cooool!!!! Thanks, dad!
Other appearances: - - .hack//GU

Character Name: BIG
(B I G)
Character image: BIG Yuji Cima
Gender Male Male Female
Class Blademaster Blademaster Long Arm
Quotes from Game Start
 .......... ..Sorry.... I was thinking about something...   
How long have you been playing this game?
What...? What do you want?
Uh... wait a sec... Um... uh... man, I forgot what I was going to say! Wait, don't talk to me now. I'll remember what I wanted to say. Just give me a sec.
Hmm... you know what? Can you leave me alone for awhile? I can't concentrate with people around.
 Oh, hello there.   
I've played this game for a long time, but it's like the other RPGs. Is there a true RPG?
Everyone likes stability. RPGs, society, everything is always the same. That's how people like it.
It's too peaceful. So are we just going to live like this? Or are we going to live by our own rules?
Hey hey, could you not look at me with those puppy dog eyes? For what it's worth, I think geniuses are a little whacked... Haha.
 You're a long ways off before you can talk to me!   
Nothing but losers lately. Don't people know this game is too heavy for them?
Everyone's preoccupied with Balmung or Orca. "The World" doesn't revolve around THEM.
Who do you think you're talking to! I'm sure you've heard of me... ...Haven't you?!
Are you still here?! What's your problem?! Don't you get it?! If you get it, then scram.
Quotes after mid-game
 You wanna know how to get items? It's not that hard. Use your head.   
Uh...wait a sec... Um... uh... man, I forgot what I was going to say! Oh yeah, now I remember! It's about the item. Uh... I think...
I heard a really bad rumor about the game once... I hope it's just a rumor...
 You don't need a revolution, but if you're afraid of change, then how are we to evolve and move foward?   
What do you believe in? I say, go with your instinct.
If nothing else happens in the game, I don't think I'll log in for a while. It's too bad...
 Hahaha! We're all pretty much equals.   
I've been playing since Balmung was a wee lad... Gotcha! Game characters don't "grow up" on screen. You should know that by now.
Hmm, am I the strongest right now? Haven't seen that annoying Orca lately...
Quotes after Game Clear
 Oh, OK! I get it... But wait... No, can't be it...   
That noise... It's...
OK, I got it now. Geez, this game is really unstable.
 I think something will happen. Bloodshed will occur. Trust me. No pain, no gain.   
Don't know if it's just a one time deal, or if it's the beginning of something big... who knows?
I didn't know there was a hidden event like that! I guess it's a deeper game than I thought.
 So what's the deal?   
Wing is no good, but really cute... Maternal instincts kick into high gear around him. I wanna smother him.
It's getting interesting lately. Regular users were starting to bore me.
Other appearances: - - -

Character Name: Koji
Character image: Koji Crest Mayunosuke
Gender Male Male Male
Class Wavemaster Heavy Axemen Heavy Blade
Quotes from Game Start

I'm doing just fine, thanks.
I get mistaken a lot for Cossack policeman.
I just started playing, but I like it already, thanks.
Correct. There are some scary enemies.
What? Yes, can I help you?

Oh, hi.
This is my first online game, so I don't quite get it yet...
I'm a bio major, so I'm basically computer illiterate.
This is something that's been on my mind for a while. Why are there only 5 grades from A-F?
After speaking with you, I yearn to do some research....That is all that is on my mind right now.I shall speak with you later.

Hi there.
When I told Yuckey that I liked bread, she just said, "Oh". What does that mean?
I feel like I'm going to the same place over and over again...
When I told Yuckey that I liked curry, she just said, "Oh." What does that mean?
......................Sorry...! The server...i..s... do..wn...again... I'

Quotes after mid-game

Think I finally got a feel for the game, thanks.
Correct. I can't seem to get good weapons.
Correct, I have no sense of direction, but that's what makes it exciting at the same time.

I hadn't used keywords until recently.
Hmmm...I'm amazed at the evolutionary structure of the organisms in this world.
How do monsters reproduce? I'd love to write a thesis on this topic.
I've never talked to someone of the opposite sex since I've been studying my whole life.This is embarrassing, but I hope this can lead to something in the future.

I got a great item! I'm soooo happy!
I saw Balmung a while ago. I'd love to have those wings of his...
Do you know about the Zeit Statue on the Board? I'm really getting into it these days.

Quotes after Game Clear

I'm logging off soon. Gotta get up early.
The server went down, but I didn't have any problems, thanks.
The server crashing was OK, but lightning caused a blackout in our neighborhood. Correct. I lost 6 hours worth of game data...

What threw me off was that the girl I spoke to yesteday was actually a guy! This is too intense! What is the world coming to?! But this is why we conduct research.
I was really shocked when the server crashed.
How does a server crash? Is someone driving it or something? What happens? What?! That's not it?! How embarrassing! I really don't know anything.

So that's a server problem... I thought it was my computer...
The server problem is scary, but my machine at home is acting up. I hope THAT doesn't crash!
I heard Balmung can fly with those wings. Is that true? If so, I really envy him...

Other appearances: - .hack//GU -

Character Name: Mutsuki
Character image: Mutsuki Oborozukiyo Bell
Gender Male Male Female
Class Blademaster Twin Blade Twinblade
Quotes from Game Start
 How's it going?   
They say there's a keyword that controls the difficulty of the area... I knew that.
Hey, I'm a pro when it comes to cats. I hope there's a bunch of 'em in "The World."
Group magazine! Cool! You can meet a lot of cool people through something like this.
So... can I interest you in purchasing a cat ear book that I made? I think you'll like it.
 My goal! Conquer 10 areas in one day!!   
Oooh, I get so excited when I visit cat web pages...
I was given an assignment for the magazine, but it has become racy. 'Tis OK, I hope... But if I send this, Mutsuki shall be furious. I shall use my ninja skills to tone it down a bit.
I went to a slightly higher level area and got wiped out... I have a long ways to go.
Now I shall excuse myself since I am in the midst of writing a love letter to my beloved Alicia. Please refrain from communicating my true feelings about her. 'Tis embarrassing.
 Good afternoon! I'm Bell, a Twin Blade!   
I'm so busy I don't have time to Level UP. This sucks!
You just started playing? Me too!
Do you watch a lot of TV? What do you think about those reality shows?
You... don't know who I am, right? What? Uh... oh... um, nothing. I think I'm going to shut up now.
Quotes after mid-game
 They say there's a spring that will power up items... ...I knew that.   
Ain't there a cat player?! I wanna do that too... Do you know how?
I work on the same magazine, but what he writes about is really racy, you know? Well, I really shouldn't be the one to talk... Hahaha.
 I've heard of a famous player called Orca. I wish I could play with him.   
Oh, sometimes when I run into Alicia and Stare, I get butterflies in my stomach. 'Tis love, I believe.
Hmm... my cat ear comics... I wish to have the famous Orca read through them...
 When I'm too busy to play, someone else plays my character and levels up for me. He's unemployed, so he has all the time in the world.   
Have you heard of Orca? He's a really famous player!
Did you watch the one they did in Australia? That was so intense, man! I have to admit, I'm kinda addicted to those shows.
Quotes after Game Clear
 I'm a cat! A pro cat! Right, Beni?   
The deadline's close for the magazine. He'd better hurry with his script... Well, I need to finish my script too, so I'd better shut up and get to work.
They say the good items are by the Zeit Statue... ...I knew that.
 Yes indeed! I can blame the late script on the server crashing! Only then, shall Mutsuki refrain from complaining.   
I lost my data when the server crashed.
Hmmm, how I'd like to use ninja skills to... Oh! You musn't listen to this!
 The rocket session was a blast! Were you there?   
I heard they have trading cards for those reality shows... Who buys 'em?!
There were lots of problems when the server crashed...
Other appearances: - - -

Character Name: Cossack Leader
Alpha Ichigoro
Character image: Cossack Leader Alue Alpha Ichigoro
Gender Male Male Male
Class Wavemaster Wavemaster Long Arm
Quotes from Game Start
 Hah! The patrol today feels great!   
Oi, I love to dance. You know, like cossack dancing.
Hah! I've taken it upon myself to take patrols to make this game safe.
Oi, I want to become strong like the Crimson Knight!
Yessir! Nothing else to report, sir!
 Yo! How are you?   
Add 'see' to the end of your sentences and you can talk like me, see?
Yo, if you got any questions, just ask me.
I may not seem like it, but I'm an idol in "The World," see?
Hey, if I keep talking to you, my fans are gonna get rowdy, see. The rule is: 3 minutes per person. I'm sure I'll have some free time in the future. Make an appointment with my secretary.
 Bonjour! I am Alpha Ichigoro!   
I was born in Roma, but live in Tokyo. You know Sushi Co.? I like pasta rolls the best.
How are you? I am just wonderful!
In Italy we have pasta every day! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Pasta, pasta. All day pasta.
Ah... I don't understand what you say. I study what you say now. Talk to me later. I go study now. Bye.
Quotes after mid-game
 Oi, there's a weird player where I'm stationed... I never want to be like that. He really should learn a thing or two from Orca...   
Oi! What the...?! There's a rock in my burger!!
Hah! My goal is to become a player like Orca!
 Yo, Orca is famous, but not as much as me.   
Balmung is jealous of me 'cuz now I get all the attention, see?
This is gonna spread like wildfire, see? It'll take over the nation, see?
 Next time, you and Orca eat spaghetti I make, si?   
Sushi, mangia mangia.
Oh! Bravo! You're the one who was with Orca, non?
Quotes after Game Clear
 Oi, the server didn't crash in the meeting room. It crashed in "The World."   
Oi! Cable modems are over the legal speed limit. All users will be arrested! I'm still using dial-up...
Hah! Even the server crashing can't keep me from my patrol...
 Yo, server problems are common in online games... Don't worry about it!   
Last week, there was an event called "Surround Alue". I'm so popular, see?
You can say you knew the person who started this all, see?
 It's horrible! The server went down! I'm not going to stay long.   
I am homesick little bit... How do I say... Ah... OK. I am OK. I hope my parents OK too...
I am OK, but server not OK. I eat sushi to be happy now. Peanut butter and jam sushi!
Other appearances: - - -

Cameo Characters

Tail Concerto Homage
Character Name: Alicia
Character image: Alicia Stare Flare
Gender Female Female Female
Class Blademaster Wavemaster Twin Blade
Quotes from Game Start
 Do you want to trade?   
I'll trade 1 Fossil Bracer for 10 Well Water.
I'll trade 1 Power Book for 25 Well Water.
I'll trade 1 Hands of Earth for 10 Well Water.
 Do you want to trade?   
I'll trade 1 Tolerance Book for 25 Pure Water.
I'll trade 1 Hands of Water for 10 Pure Water.
I'll trade 1 Frost Bracer for 10 Pure Water.
 Do you want to trade?   
I'll trade 1 Fire Bracer for 10 Burning Oil.
I'll trade 1 Insight Book for 25 Burning Oil.
I'll trade 1 Hands of Fire for 10 Burning Oil.

Tail Concerto Homage
Character Name: Fool
Character image: Fool Teria Waffle
Gender Male Female Male
Class Wavemaster Long Arm Twin Blade
Quotes from Game Start
 Do you want to trade?   
I'll trade 1 Air Bracer for 10 Holy Sap.
I'll trade 1 Spiritual Book for 25 Holy Sap.
I'll trade 1 Hands of Wood for 10 Holy Sap.
 Do you want to trade?   
I'll trade 1 Storm Bracer for 10 Sports Drink.
I'll trade 1 Graceful Book for 25 Sports Drink.
I'll trade 1 Hands of Storm for 10 Sports Drink.
 Do you want to trade?   
I'll trade 1 Shadow Blades for 10 Cooked Bile.
I'll trade 1 Swift Book for 25 Cooked Bile.
I'll trade 1 Ebony Wand for 10 Cooked Bile.

Tail Concerto Homage
Character Name: Cyan
Character image: Cyan Panta
Gender Male Male
Class Heavy Blade Wavemaster
Quotes from Game Start
 Do you want to trade?   
I'll trade 1 Miner's Gloves for 10 Well Water.
I'll trade 1 Ceramic Anklet for 10 Well Water.
I'll trade 1 Feng Shui for 25 Well Water.
 Do you want to trade?   
I'll trade 1 Frost Anklet for 10 Pure Water.
I'll trade 1 Water Magic for 25 Pure Water.
I'll trade 1 Fishing Gloves for 10 Pure Water.

Silent Bomber Homage
Character Name: Jutah
Character image: Jutah Annri Benoit
Gender Male Female Male
Class Twin Blade Wavemaster Twin Blade
Quotes from Game Start
 Do you want to trade?   
I'll trade 1 Smith's Gloves for 10 Burning Oil.
I'll trade 1 Iron Anklet for 10 Burning Oil.
I'll trade 1 Fire Magic for 25 Burning Oil.
 Do you want to trade?   
I'll trade 1 Oak Anklet for 10 Holy Sap.
I'll trade 1 Wood Magic for 25 Holy Sap.
I'll trade 1 Forest Gloves for 10 Holy Sap.
 Do you want to trade?   
I'll trade 1 Thunder Gloves for 10 Sports Drink.
I'll trade 1 Thunder Anklet for 10 Sports Drink.
I'll trade 1 Thunder Magic for 25 Sports Drink.

Silent Bomber Homage
Character Name: John
Character image: John Micino Tim
Gender Male Female Male
Class Blademaster Blademaster Wavemaster
Quotes from Game Start
 Do you want to trade?   
I'll trade 1 Black Magic for 25 Cooked Bile.
I'll trade 1 Midnight Axe for 10 Cooked Bile.
I'll trade 1 Unicorn Blade for 10 Cooked Bile.
 Do you want to trade?   
I'll trade 1 Grand Armor for 5 Silver Axe.
I'll trade 1 Hiking Gear for 5 Silver Axe.
I'll trade 1 Thunder Cloak for 10 Golden Axe, 10 Silver Axe.
 Do you want to trade?   
I'll trade 1 Thunder Torque for 10 Silver Axe, 10 Silver Axe.
I'll trade 1 Ice Hunter Cap for 5 Golden Axe.
I'll trade 1 Fire Dance Hat for 5 Golden Axe.

Other Player Characters

These players may be encountered during minor scripted events.

Kite overhears a conversation between Edajima and Sieg near the Chaos Gate in Mac Anu. The two discuss seeing a player who looked like a cat, and wonder if such character edits are allowed. This conversation precedes Kite's first encounter with Mia and Elk. The conversation also resembles discussions in .hack//SIGN regarding sightings of an unusual cat character. Edajima appears to have a similar character model to Benkei. Sieg is the player character of an individual featured in .hack//Liminality.

Other Player Characters
Character Name: Edajima
Character image: Edajima on the Left Sieg on the Left
Gender Male Male
Class Heavy Axeman Blademaster
Quote from Scene I saw a strange character in the alley. It looked like a cat. :-) Is it possible to edit like that? A cat? Oh yeah, I saw it too. I prefer bunny girls though.

Kite and party encounter this System Administrator in the top floor of the dungeon in a corrupted area.

Other Characters
Character Name: Administrator
Character image: Administrator
Gender Male

Kite receives the Book of Law as a prize. The person who gives the item is encountered when ___

Other Characters
Character Name: Administrator
Character image: Book of Law Prize Giver
Gender Male

Kite encounters members of the Gardenia Fan club in (Area) after seeing a post on the BBS

Gardenia Fan Club
Character Name: Heril
Character image: No Picture No Picture No Picture No Picture
Class Long Arm Twin Blade Wavemaster Wavemaster

Kite encounters Apeiron haggling with Mistral. When Mistral leaves to sell some items to buy the ??? offered by Apeiron, he hands it to Kite instead.

Other Player Characters
Character Name: Apeiron
Character image: Apeiron
Gender Male
Class Heavy Axeman

Orca's friends:

Orca's friends
Character Name: Bob
Character image: Bob Linda
Gender Male Female
Class Long Arm Long Arm

NPCs of The World

These NPCs are in towns.

Mac Anu

Mac Anu NPCs
Character Name: Item Shop NPC Magic Shop NPC Weapon Shop NPC
Character image: Item Shop NPC Magic Shop NPC Weapon Shop NPC

• Be prepared!!! We've got many types of medicine for your health needs!
• It's common sense to take along plenty of healing medicine.
• If you have SP recovery medicine, you'll never have to worry about overusing your skills!

• Welcome! Can I interest you in some magic scrolls?
• Scrolls are one-time use only, but it won't waste SP! It's also good to buy element skills you don't have.

• Welcome. This is the Weapon Shop.
• You can use special skills by equipping weapons and armor.
• When you buy equipment pay attention to the skills, as well as the parameters.

Mac Anu NPCs
Character Name: Elf's Haven NPC Recorder NPC
Character image: Elf's Haven NPC Recorder NPC

• Welcome. You can store unused items here.
• Up to 99 different types of items can be stored.
• Up to 99 of each item can be stored.
• You can withdraw the stored items at any Elf's Haven.

• I can save your data. Don't forget to stop by often during your adventure.

Dun Loreiag

Save Shop NPC Elf's Haven NPC Weapon Shop NPC Armor Shop NPC Magic Shop NPC Grunty Ranch NPC


Noble Grunty Iron Grunty Poison Grunty

Dun Loireag

Dun Loireag
Acquirable Grunties
Character Name: Noble Grunty Iron Grunty Poison Grunty
Character image: Noble Grunty Iron Grunty Poison Grunty

Grunty Raising
Character Name: Little Grunty Grunty the Kid
Character image: Little Grunty Grunty the Kid

Stray Grunties
Character Name: Stray Grunty
Character image: Stray Grunty



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